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  1. LMAO people thought it was corny but I think its the cold truth Im sure folks who try to sell beats go through this at some point I heard sum of stuff in this video over and over again lol I’d like to see more vidz like this it might help artist & Producers work better …..

  2. “I got this beat in my head it goes like this…” – CLASSiC LiNE. LMAO

  3. My brother is in the beat selling game he says exactly the same thing almost word for word

  4. So Fuckin True man…. Have yall heard this one? “Ay man them beats you got sale is going hard, but um, you got any free beats I can jump on? #Let’s Collab!!!” So Trivial.

  5. Omg every single thing is true… since the first month i started producing I’ve being hearing the same shit.

  6. I think I have heard them all at this point. It’s funny because they start to sound the same. I guess that’s what my wife means when she knows what the kids will say before they say it. I can almost predict some of the crap that will come my way. Getting them past that mindset is the next step toward success and that’s what I’m there for.

  7. LOL “I Already got some collabs lined up for ya i got vanilla ice, nick cannon LOL. Nick cannon was the best one

  8. LMFAO… We run a production and recording studio and the best one I have heard lately is… Hey because it’s a special day (fathers day) uhm yall think I can get in for $10… He thought this included 2 hours studio time and a beat too funny…