Scratch Magazine Collection – All Covers ( Photos )

Scratch Magazine was one of my favorite magazines. I purchased every issue that came out from 2004 to 2007. Check out my magazine collection.

Scratch Magazine Covers

Scratch was a magazine about the art of creating hip-hop. It featured articles regarding producers, musicians and DJs that make beats for rap records, and details the secret methods, stories, partnerships, philosophies and equipment behind the music. The magazine’s tagline was “The Blueprint of Hip-Hop”.


Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Scratch Magazine

Kanye West

Kanye West Scratch Magazine


Neptunes Scratch Magazine


Eminem Scratch Magazine

Lil John

Lil John Scratch Magazine


Timbaland Scratch Magazine

Just Blaze

Just Blaze Scratch Magazine

Young Jeezy & The Runners

Young Jeezy & The The Runners Scratch Magazine

Nas & DJ Premier

Nas & DJ Premier Scratch Magazine


RZA Scratch Magazine

Saigon & Just Blaze

Saigon & Just Blaze Scratch Magazine

The Roots

The Roots

Young Buck & Jazze Pha Scratch Magazine

Young Buck & Jazzie Pha

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Scratch Magazine

The Game,, Nas

The Game,, Nas Scratch Magazine

Rick Ross, Dj Khalid, Cool & Dre

Rick Ross, Dj Khalid, Cool & Dre Scratch Magazine

P. Diddy

P. Diddy

Lil Wayne & Dj Khaled

Lil Wayne & Dj Khaled Scratch Magazine

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri Scratch Magazine

TI & Wyclef

TI & Wyclef Scratch Magazine

50 Cent & Timbaland

50 Cent & Timbaland Scratch Magazine
Scratch Magazine
Scratch Magazine Covers
50 Cent Scratch Magazine
Jermaine Dupri Scratch Magazine
Dr. Dre Scratch Magazine
Saigon Scratch Magazine
Just Blaze Scratch Magazine
Timbaland Scratch Magazine

What was your favorite issue? Share below in the comments.

Mark V. at Hip Hop Makers

Written By Mark V.

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  1. Upload some so we can read.

  2. Wow saw this magazine once and never saw it again. Wish I would have jumped on it when I saw it. Definitely had some great tips.

  3. Thats dope Mark I have most of these


  5. I bought all but the 1st and have all but 3 of them now. Great magazine until they let XXL take over…then it disappeared. The was the producer’s manual an bible. What a great loss. I miss it badly.

  6. Hi!, are you selling your collection?, I can’t find them anywhere, I’m really interested or can you please scan them and upload them?, thanks.

  7. Nope. Sorry, I’m happy I have all the magazines, and I plan to keep them.

  8. I only have the first 3 issues, can you scan them (I can give you some in exchange)? Would be really nice if you can, I never had the opportunity to get them all =/

  9. Man!! can you scan your magazines? if you have a paypal account I pay you back, for real!

  10. Missing the Swizz Beats cover, homie.

  11. Was devastated when they stopped making Scratch Mag, easily my fave read… I wish they kept a website version going or something. I’ve got most of the issues but I saw a few I’m missing so off to scour the interwebs….. Peace fam. G

  12. i have all of these!

  13. Missing 5 issues, somebody selling them? Will pay 15 or more dollars per issue.


  15. Thats one of the reason I wanted to start making beats is the Scratch Magazine…

  16. I have every issue and I’m selling. If you’re interested them mail me

  17. im interested! they still available?

  18. Hi, I’ve been trying to track these down for some research I’m doing. If anyone has these in the nyc area that’s willing to lend to read for a day or to sell, please let me know. thanks!

  19. Hi, I’m selling my Scratch magazine collection… If you are interested, please e-mail me…
    Peace from France!

  20. Gpm, from France, you did not leave your email contact…pls reply, I am looking to buy!

  21. @GPM…if you still have mags to sell pls contact me @
    you did not leave your email!


  23. Where can i get NoID interview.? Which issue please

  24. Helio my mame Is beatmaster clay d lil Jon talks about me in the lil jon secret weapon interview the issue with Dr. Dre once the frontera i really would like a copy of that issue please 8328876595 asap

  25. Here you can find high quality scans of some issues:

    You can support my efforts by donating some money.

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