30 Best Music Production Books & eBooks

Here are the best music production books and eBooks on Amazon.

There are books on business, marketing, music theory, social media, and more.

Music Production Books

Best Music Production Books & eBooks
Best Music Production Books & eBooks
Sale 1-Page Marketing Plan
Sale Music Theory For Dummies

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Do you have any favorite music books?

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Mark V.

Written By Mark V.
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  1. I don’t do it enough but its allways good to invest in yourself & my opinion!!!

  2. I agree. It’s always good to learn new things.

  3. Nice, Learn to play the piano requires your desire to do it.
    I really believe is worth investing your time to get these things
    If you can not do what you love so what it all worth?
    I wrote about a great way to learn piano

  4. Nice article. I’ve picked up 4 of these works. BTW, some are available as real books, which are cheap enough used on Amazon and easier to deal with than the Kindle variety.. ( I keep turning down the tab on my Kindle so I won’t forget where I was… Gets expensive..) .. And Kindle is also available for the PC as a free download.

  5. Hello! Just saw you list of recommended books for music producers. Really good list, but you should definitely add “Good Musician” by Shadow Producers. It is by far the biggest glossary of all music production related words and terms. You can check them on Amazon Kindle. Cheers)

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