3 Free MPC Program Editors ( MPC Software )

Free MPC Program Editors ( MPC Software )

Here are 3 Free MPC Program Editors and MPC Software to help you create and edit MPC drum programs.

MPC Software Editors

1. MPC Maid – Windows & Mac

Free MPC Program Editors - MPC Software

MPC Maid is a software editor for the Akai MPC 1000, MPC 2500, and MPC 500

  • Works on Mac, PC, and other platforms (Java) and makes the edition of MPC programs files easy.
  • Switch between the MPC 500 12-pads layout or the MPC 1000 16-pads layout (also takes care of the correct number of filters and sliders thanks to the built-in machine profiles).
  • Simply drag and drop your samples files onto the pads, and it automatically assigns them, one on each pad or one on each sample layer.
  • Export the full program and every related sample file together to the target location of your choice.
  • Also features a semi-automatic slicing tool: drop your loop file to have it chopped into slices based on a beat detection mechanism.
  • Direct export of the chopped slices as multiple WAV files, one corresponding .PGM program file and one MIDI groove .MID file.
  • Multiple windows, one window for one program, simply drag and drop a PGM program file will open a new window for this program.

2. Blue Box – Windows

Blue Box Software - Free MPC Software Program Editors

BlueBox was developed for creating and editing programs for the Akai MPC1000. This solution automates some of the tedious tasks involved with creating programs using the MPC itself.

  • Save edited PGM file and all associated samples
  • Filters
  • Q-Link sliders
  • Copy individual pad, layer, mixer, envelope, and filter settings t- any number and combination of pads in one step
  • Playback samples in layers
  • Assign a sample to a range of pads (tune and MIDI trigger are automatically adjusted)

3. MPC Pad 187 – Mac

MPC Pad 187 - Free MPC Program Editors - MPC Software

MPC Pad 187 is an MPC program editor for the Akai MPC 1000, MPC 2500, and MPC 500. The application allows for easy editing and creation of MPC program files.

Extra Option: RS-16X ( Paid Program )

RS-16X - Free MPC Program Editors

Sequence & Song style stand-alone drum machine program with virtual controller pads & keyboard. Creates drum tracks without any external devices.

I hope you enjoy these free MPC software program editors. Please share this article and join our newsletter for more free music production software.

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    1. @Money Madeoff

      Yea I saw that one, but I didn’t post it because it wasn’t free. But thanks for sharing the link.

  1. I got the RS-16x and it’s like that. But it’s a little too detailed when I need to put a program together quickly. I’ll give this one a try. Yo thanks for posting this.