300 Free Trap Snare Samples for Trap Beats

Here are the best free trap snare samples and trap snare sample packs that provide sounds and instant inspiration for music creators!

Learn the art of using trap snare samples to create a signature sound. The right samples can improve your music production process. These samples can introduce you to new styles and techniques, encouraging experimentation and growth in your craft.

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Best Free Trap Snare Samples

  1. Beat Production Trap Snares
  2. Hipstrumentals Drum Kit
  3. Sound Camp
  4. Trap Snare Vol. 2
  5. Echo Sound Works Trap Snares
  6. Producer Spot Trap Snare Drums
  7. Sample Focus
  8. Snare Drum Samples
  9. Looperman
  10. Digit Sounds Trap Drums
  11. Snare Loops
  12. HF Free Snare Drum Samples
Best Free Trap Snare Samples
Best Free Trap Snare Samples

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Trap Snare. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Beat Production Trap Snares

Beat Production Trap Snares | Trap Snare Kit
Beat Production Trap Snares | Trap Snare Kit

Beat Production Trap Snares is here to help your music production game.

Whether you are working on Trap, Hip-Hop, Future Bass, or Ambient tracks, this sample pack will provide the perfect snares to fill in the gaps in your mix.

Created from a collection of Trap Drum Kits, this range offers a handpicked selection featuring only the snare sounds.

A careful assortment drawn from popular kits like the Trap Kit, the Soulection Drum Kit, the Metro Boomin Drum Kit, and the Lex Luger Drum Kit ensures quality and versatility in every sample.

All the samples come in the popular WAV format, making it a breeze to integrate them into your projects.

Being royalty-free, these free snare samples offer the freedom to use them in your music projects without requiring further clearances.

Download and start crafting your next trap beat with the confidence of having premium snare sounds at your fingertips.

  • Handpicked snare sounds
  • Taken from popular drum kits
  • Available in WAV format
  • No email is required for the download
  • Royalty-free use

Beat Production

2. Hipstrumentals Drum Kit (125)

Hipstrumentals Drum Kit
Hipstrumentals Drum Kit

This is a collection of 673 one-shot WAV samples organized into six folders.

Each folder houses a different type of drum sound.

It has been crafted to cater to various preferences and needs, from dynamic kicks to sharp snares.

The range also includes toms, hats, cymbals, and an extensive selection of percussions to add depth to your musical compositions.

This kit becomes a handy toolkit for those eager to infuse originality into their tracks.

  • 673 one-shot WAV samples
  • Six organized folders
  • Variety of drum sounds
  • Extensive percussion options
  • Suitable for diverse music genres
  • High-quality samples


3. Sound Camp (30)

Sound Camp | Trap Snare Sample
Sound Camp | Trap Snare Sample

Sound Camp offers a variety of trap snare sound effects and audio clips crafted for DJs and music producers.

The sounds are original and fall under the Creative Commons license, recorded with high-quality studio microphones.

Each sample varies key, loudest frequency, and file specifics such as bitrate, sample rate, and channel configuration.

You will find many options, including acoustic snares and steel snare drums, each bringing its unique tone to elevate your music pieces.

  • Creative-commons licensed sounds
  • High-quality recording with studio microphones
  • Variety in tuning to different keys
  • Detailed information on each sample
  • Rich selection, including both acoustic and steel snares

Sound Camp

4. Trap Snare Vol. 2 (18)

Trap Snare Vol 2
Trap Snare Vol 2

Trap Snare sample pack from Synth Studios is a great collection for music creators searching for fresh and hard-hitting snares to bring uniqueness to their Hip Hop and Trap creations.

The package consists of one-shot samples that are 100% royalty-free, offering peace of mind for producers who want to avoid legal hassles.

Offered as a go-to library for modern Trap and Hip Hop, the samples help beats stand out in the crowded music landscape.

The samples are crafted to fit perfectly into popular musical trends, serving as an essential tool for trap music projects.

Suitable for use with popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools, among others, the collection promises versatility in its application.

Whether working on Future Bass or exploring other genres, these snare samples could be your trusted ally in music production.

  • Hard-hitting snare samples
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Compatible with popular DAWs
  • Tailored for modern Hip Hop and Trap music
  • Go-to collection for unique-sounding snares

Visit Website

5. Echo Sound Works Trap Snares (25)

Echo Sound Works Trap Snares
Echo Sound Works Trap Snares

The Echo Sound Works Trap Snares sample pack is up for grabs for music creators who are eager to amplify their Hip Hop and Trap productions.

This pack comes with 25 high-quality snare samples, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with contemporary Hip Hop and Trap tracks.

It is a limited-time offer that ensures creators have premium access to production-ready snares without the worries of sound clipping.

These snares are not just modern and unique sounding but also come key labeled, providing an added advantage during production.

Echo Sound Works has keenly put together this collection to assist creators in crafting beats that fit the modern music landscape and stand tall with a distinctive sound.

  • 25 high-quality snare samples
  • Modern sounding
  • Production-ready
  • Non-clipping sounds
  • Key labeled samples

Echo Sound Works

6. Producer Spot 20 Trap Snare Drums (20)

Producer Spot 20 Trap Snare Drums
Producer Spot 20 Trap Snare Drums

This kit offers 808 drums, 12 chants, and 30 claps, among others, totaling up to 174 music samples.

Each sample offers 24-bit quality, ensuring compatibility with a large spectrum of current music creation software like FL Studio, Ableton, and more.

Engineered with precision using high-grade hardware and software tools, every sample offers fresh and crisp sounds for your production.

  • 174 WAV one-shot samples
  • 24-bit sound quality
  • Compatible with popular music-making software
  • Royalty-free usage

Producer Spot

7. Sample Focus

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus offers a huge online platform where music creators can find various snare drum samples to enhance their production endeavors.

The website hosts an extensive library with over 7,000 samples curated and uploaded by a community of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Music creators can easily filter samples based on their specific needs, including tempo and musical key, ensuring they find the most fitting sound in no time.

Recommendations for similar sounds appear when a sample is selected, helping creators in making the best choice for their projects.

  • Over 7,00 snare samples
  • Detailed tagging system
  • Similar sound recommendations
  • Community-uploaded and curated library
  • Easy filtering by various criteria

Sample Focus

8. Snare Drum Samples (146)

Snare Drum Samples
Snare Drum Samples

This pack is a substantial asset for music producers, boasting 146 high-quality .wav snare sounds that can be effortlessly integrated into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The sounds have been engineered to meet the demands of today’s music production, providing a reliable tool that aids in creating fresh and dynamic tracks.

View Website

9. Looperman (39)


Looperman presents a generous collection of free trap snare loops and samples, a must-have resource for every music creator keen on crafting trap tracks.

  • Wide range of trap snare loops
  • Uploaded by various creators globally
  • Detailed filtering options, including BPM and key


10. Digit Sounds Trap Drums (7)

Digit Sounds Trap Drums
Digit Sounds Trap Drums

The team at Digit Sounds has mapped out a range of MIDI files that include crisp hi-hats, hard-hitting snares, dynamic kicks, and rhythmic percussions.

Their mission is to streamline your creative process, reducing the time spent creating MIDI from scratch and instantly elevating the quality of your beats.

The pack is a substantial offer comprising five sets of drum MIDI with 23 individual files.

They have broken down the MIDI files into distinct categories such as hi-hat, snare/clap, kick, and counter snare/percussion.

Delve into this kit to find the perfect elements that add a professional touch to your trap beats.

  • Free MIDI kit
  • 23 individual MIDI files
  • Files for different drum elements like hi-hats and snares
  • Carefully mapped out MIDI files

Digit Sounds

11. Snare Loops (20)

Snare Loops
Snare Loops

Studio Trap presents the ‘Snare Loops’ sample pack, which stands as a reliable tool in the arsenal of music creators.

This pack brings you a selection of 20 trap loop patterns inspired by some of the leading artists and producers in the music industry today.

Especially beneficial for those finding the creation of snare patterns challenging, this kit serves as a ready solution, promising an easy and fruitful experience.

The ‘Snare Loops’ pack offers hassle-free integration with all DAWs and music software, enhancing its utility manifold.

Drag and drop a WAV file into your track, set the key and tempo, and witness your music taking a refined shape.

Importantly, the pack is 100% royalty-free, permitting unrestricted usage while creating commercial tracks.

  • Contains 20 Trap Loop Patterns
  • Compatible with all DAWs and music software
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Tempo labeled loops
  • WAV format files

Studio Trap

12. HF Free Snare Drum Samples (30)

HF Free Snare Drum Samples
HF Free Snare Drum Samples

This pack offers a collection of 30 snare drum samples designed to complement almost all electronic and hip-hop genres seamlessly.

Each sample embodies a percussive essence that can enhance the rhythm and beat of your creations.

The pack stands as a boon for creators, being 100% royalty-free, which allows unrestrained usage in your commercial music endeavors without any hindrances.

The files are presented in 24-bit stereo WAV format, promising high-quality sound to uplift your tracks.

  • 30 snare drum samples (one-shots)
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Compatible with all electronic genres
  • 24-bit stereo WAV format

HF Free Snare Drum Samples

I hope you found this list of free trap snare samples helpful.

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