1,000 Best Free Hi-Hat Samples

Here are the best free Hi-Hat samples and Hi-Hat sample packs to fast-track your beats! Save time and craft your most mesmerizing drum patterns.

I have compiled a list of links to free hi-hat sample packs and free websites where you can search and sort through thousands of free music samples. These websites and sample packs will provide hundreds of high-quality drum sounds. 

The perfect sound is just a click away. Explore and download the best free music samples online.

Best Free Hi-Hat Samples

  1. Hi Hat Sound Pack
  2. Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack
  3. Sample Radar: Ultimate Hi-Hat Samples
  4. Sample Camp
  5. Hi Hat Loops Vol. 1
  6. Sample Focus
  7. Producer Buzz Hi-Hats
  8. Free Wave Samples
  9. Free Hi Hat Loops Sample Pack
  10. Fesliyan Studios Free Hi-Hat Sounds
  11. HF Free Hi-Hat Drum Samples
  12. Analog Hi-Hats
  13. Looperman
  14. Free Hi-Hat Samples
  15. Free Hi-Hat MIDI Kit
  16. Lo-Fi Hi-Hat Loops
  17. Hi-Hat Loops
Best Free Hi-Hat Samples
Best Free Hi-Hat Samples

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each hi-hat sample pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Hi Hat Sound Pack (250)

Dive into a rich library of over 250 studio-quality hi-hat samples with the Hi-Hat Sound Pack.

Crafted through high-end music hardware, each sample can enrich your productions in any digital audio workstation, including Pro Tools, Reason, or FL Studio.

Ideal for hip-hop creators, the pack offers sought-after 808 and MPC sounds to elevate your tracks.

Sound Pack

2. Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack (271)

Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack
Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack | Free Sample Pack

Discover the versatility of the Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack, offering a variety of open and closed hi-hat styles alongside other cymbal-related samples.

Tailored by Tony Starks for music creators, it supports a range of genres, including Dubstep and R&B, and easily integrates into your production toolkit with WAV format compatibility.

Supreme Pack

3. Sample Radar: Ultimate Hi-Hat Samples (477)

Check out SampleRadar’s 477 free ultimate hi-hat samples, designed to add that perfect touch of rhythm and personality to your music creations.

Easily find the right beat with samples organized into nine tempo-themed folders, ready to be imported as WAV files into your DAW or sampler.

Enjoy crafting without limits, as these samples are royalty-free.


4. Sample Camp (100)

Sample Camp offers DJs and music producers a collection of open hi-hat one-shot samples explicitly tuned to the A note.

These high-quality, royalty free sounds are available in various formats, including WAV and MP3, allowing creators to incorporate them into their music projects effortlessly.

Explore a range of tones, from sharp sounds to those with subtle reverb, all recorded with premium studio microphones.

Sample Camp

5. Hi Hat Loops Vol. 1

Hi Hat Loops Vol. 1
Hi Hat Loops Vol. 1

Discover Hi Hat Loops Vol. 1 by Stit9, a pack filled with original and creative hi-hat loops perfect for adding a modern touch to your hip-hop tracks.

These royalty-free sounds, currently available for free, can spice up your beats and offer fresh inspiration for your music projects.

Visit Website

6. Sample Focus (4,000)

Explore Sample Focus to find your music project’s perfect closed hi-hat sounds.

Easily find sounds categorized by mood, timbre, or instrument, enhancing your creative flow with thousands of user-uploaded and curated samples.

Great for music creators seeking quality and variety.

Sample Focus

7. Producer Buzz Ultimate Hi-Hats & Cymbals

Producer Buzz Ultimate Hi-Hats & Cymbals
Producer Buzz Ultimate Hi-Hats & Cymbals

Check out the world of rhythm with the Producer Buzz Ultimate Hi-hats & Cymbals pack, boasting 41 diverse hi-hat and cymbal samples.

This collection, compatible with DAW-supporting software like FL Studio and Logic Pro, equips music creators with the precise sounds they need for any genre production.

Producer Buzz

8. Free Wave Samples (20)

Craft the perfect beat with Free Wave Samples’ open hi-hat sounds.

This collection, offering high-quality, 16-bit stereo sounds at a 44100 Hz sample rate, brings renowned brands like Korg and Ensoniq to your fingertips for free.

Ideal for music creators seeking that crisp hi-hat sound.

Free Wave Samples

9. Free Hi Hat Loops Sample Pack (40)

Free Hi Hat Loops Sample Pack
Free Hi Hat Loops Sample Pack

Elevate your music creations with the Free Hi Hat Loops sample pack from Monosounds.

Enjoy 40 professionally crafted loops designed to suit a range of genres and tempos. Easy to use with most DAWs, these high-quality WAV format loops are your toolkit for rhythmic perfection, all for free.

Mono Sounds

10. Fesliyan Studios Free Hi-Hat Sounds (20)

Boost your music and video projects with Fesliyan Studios’ free hi-hat sound effects collection.

This pack offers high-definition MP3 recordings of various hi-hat sounds, including open and closed hits and foot pedal closes.

Ideal for video editing, YouTube creation, and more, a must-have tool in every music creator’s library.

Fesliyan Studios

11. HF Free Hi-Hat Drum Samples (84)

Hf Free Hi-Hat Drum Samples
Hf Free Hi-Hat Drum Samples

Embark on the creative world of electronic music with HF’s free hi-hat drum samples.

Co-created with DMS, this pack gifts music creators over 80 unique samples, promising crisp, 16-bit sound quality in convenient WAV format. Enjoy the freedom of 100% royalty-free use, perfect for artists ready to craft their next hit!

HF Website

12. Analog Hi-Hats (19)

Analog Hi-Hats | Open & Closed Hi-Hats
Analog Hi-Hats | Free Hi-Hat Samples

Discover the distinct analog warmth in Six Bit Deep’s Analog Hi Hats sample pack. Enjoy 19 unique, high-quality hi-hat sounds crafted with meticulous analog processing through legendary equipment.

It’s an unbeatable resource for music creators aiming to add a genuine and vibrant touch to their tracks, all for free!

View Sound Kit

13. Looperman (900)

Looperman | Free Hi-Hat Samples | Loaded with Many Different Styles

Dive into a world of rhythmic possibilities with Looperman’s vast collection of free hi-hat loops and a large collection of different music samples for all music genres.

Find the perfect hi-hat sound uploaded by a community of fellow music creators. With daily updates, there’s always something new to spark your creativity and elevate your beats.

Their free music samples are compatible with popular software like Ableton, Garageband, and FL Studio.

Remember to leave your comments and share your masterpieces with the community!


14. Free Hi-Hat Samples Released by Mayo Staccato (28)

Discover Mayo Staccato’s fresh release, “Scads of Hats,” a collection of 28 free hi-hat samples crafted from unique field recordings.

This light pack, with a size of 6.55 MB zipped, includes a range of sounds: 12 closed hats, 7 crashes, 9 open hats, and an exclusive glitched hat.

Enjoy the freedom to modify and share these public-domain samples in your music creations!

Mayo Staccato

15. Free Hi-Hat MIDI Kit (20)

Free Hi Hat MIDI Kit - Essential Hi Hat Kit
Free Hi-Hat MIDI Kit – Essential Hi-Hat Kit

Explore the dynamic world of rhythm with the Essential Hi-Hat MIDI Kit.

Tailored for music creators in genres like Trap and UK Drill, the kit brings 40 free MIDI files inspired by top producers such as Metro Boomin and TM88.

Enjoy various patterns, from simple to complex triplets, compatible with Ableton and FL Studio. Create bouncy and vibrant tracks with this rich MIDI kit!

Essential Kit

16. Lo-Fi Hi-Hat Loops (25)

Lo-Fi Hi-Hat Loops
Lo-Fi Hi-Hat Loops

Check out the chill world of Lo-Fi with Patchbanks’ free Lo-Fi Hi-Hat Loops pack. This offering features 25 original, standard-quality loops to enhance your beats.

Ideal for music creators, these loops bring that much sought-after Lo-Fi vibe straight to your toolkit, ready for easy download at a pleasing size of 33.2MB. Happy beat-making!

View Pack

17. Hi-Hat Loops (20)

Hi-Hat Loops
Hi-Hat Loops

Boost your tracks with ‘Hi-Hat Loops’ by Studio Trap, a user-friendly kit inspired by top artists and producers of today.

Enjoy 20 fresh, tempo-labeled trap hi-hat loops that are 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs and music software.

It’s your hassle-free gateway to dynamic sounds.

Go To Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hi-Hat Sample?

A Hi-Hat Sample is a recorded sound snippet of a hi-hat cymbal, a key component in a standard drum kit. These samples can range from short, crisp sounds to more extended, sizzling notes.

Hi-hat samples allow music creators to integrate professional-sounding hi-hat sounds into their music without recording them, saving time and resources. 

Are these hi-hat samples royalty-free?

Some of these hi-hat samples are royalty-free. Check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use the samples.

What styles of open hi-hats are included?

There are many different styles of open hi-hats included in these sample packs, such as trap hats, drill hats, house hats, and hip-hop hats.

How do I know which hat sample to use?

You can browse through each individual hat sample by reading its description or listening to it before deciding which one you would like to use.

How can I download the hi-hat sample pack?

To download the hi-hat sample pack, simply click on the provided download link and follow the instructions on the website.

I hope you found this list of free hi-hat samples helpful. The right sound can elevate your music to incredible heights and add a professional quality to your beats.

These Hi-Hat Samples are designed to give you many choices to find that perfect sound, offering a golden opportunity to enhance your music without the fuss.

What do you think about these hi-hat sample packs, and do you have any favorites?

Mark V.

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