100 Free Drum Samples

Free Drum Sounds

Update your sound collection with these high-quality free drum sounds.

I have a huge collection of drums samples. But here is a collection of some of my favorite 100 hard-hitting drum sounds. Hope you enjoy!

Download 100 Free Drum Sounds

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  1. very very cool! My favorite is the 5th one! Put up some more!!! Do you have good sound effects too?

  2. these are really nice, appreciate the reach out.
    i want to send you guys something once i make a beat with these bad boys!

  3. Yup, a playa gotta vouch fa deez! I loadz em up key 4 key on da triton to show staccramento what it means to rock da bellz!! Gd shit homie keep crankin em!

  4. iight i have noticed thsi with a lot of kits including this one some of the kicks make a click sound,,, i really like how they sound but when loaded they click,,i have many good kits 2 share on here if any one can answer me why some samples do this i would be happy thanks Looney-Joe add me

  5. hey looneyjoe it would be easier to follow if you post about that in the forums, also i noticed you posted an Asian Kit? the upload didnt complete for some reason so the file is not there

  6. I click in the 100 drums label but nothing happens, I am not getting any download at all.