10 Cool Christmas Gifts for a Beat Maker

Christmas is around the corner, so I figured I would put together a list of cool things that I thought any music maker would like. If you like the list, forward it to your friend and family so you can drop them some hints on things to get you.

1. Real T-Shirt Based ROCK!

This is cool for that person who likes to bang on tables, books, etc. Just hit your own chest.

Drum Kit T-shirt


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2. My Passport Essential 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

Hard Drive

This is for the producer on the go that is always traveling. This allows you to carry samples, vst’s, and your entire sound collection. With this you can carry tons of sounds with you everywhere and trade with friends. This is also cool because its small, and USB powered, so no extra power cord needed.View This Item Now!

3. Roll-Up Electric Piano


Video ( Sorry, the best corny video I could find )

I wanted this when I first saw it. Some times I’m places where I don’t have my equipment, and I don’t have space to have my equipment, but I just wished I had a key board to play on. This is the next best thing. Its not something you would record with, its something small and portable that you can practice with.View This Item Now!Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard

4. Mix tape USB Stick

Mix tape USB Stick

This looks cool more than anything else. This is a USB memory stick (which I think everyone should have), that stores 64 MB of music or other files. I recommend getting a bigger USB stick from somewhere else ( Link this one: Kingston 8GB DataTraveler USB flash drive – High Speed USBUSB flash drive ). But this one looks nice.View This Item Now!

5. Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Camcorder

Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Camcorder

I’m buying myself this Christmas. Its a small hand held camera that records on too a memory card. It’s cheap and the plus is it records in High Definition. Its not as good as a professional HD camera, but its made for putting video online, which it does well.If you are a producer or artist, I think you should have a Youtube channel to promote yourself, plus Youtube now supports HD videos, and its a big difference from the regular quality.

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6. Piano Chord Dictionary (Handy Guide) (Paperback)

Piano Chord Dictionary

This is a handy guide that shows the notation, fingering and keyboard diagrams for all the important chords. It’s cheap and helps all those that are trying to learn chords such as myself.

View This Item Now!Piano Chord Dictionary: Handy Guide

7. Guitar Center Gift Card

Guitar Center Gift Card

This is universal gift for a music maker. Let them pick what they want, and save the stress. Guitar Center Gift Card

8. Ion USB Turntable

Ion USB Turntable

Record directly into your computer with no mixer. This can help save time on sampling.

View This Item Now!ION TTUSB05 USB Turntable

9. USB Drum Kit

USB Drum Kit

Video of this item ( 2nd Video )

I think this is more of a toy, but I would defiantly sit at my desk and bang out on these little things.View This Item Now!

10. Web Site Host and Domain Name Paid for the year

Every producer or artist should have a Web site by now. Their are to many resources online ( All my skills are self taught, if I can do it, you can too) , and the prices are so cheap, you would be crazy to not have your own site. The link I’m providing offers hosting for $4.95 a month, but have a basic plan for $56.69 per year, and that includes a domain name. Next all you need is a Websites, and you can buy a Websites template from a site like Theme Forest, which I have bought many files from, and then you will be up and running.

Please let me know what you think of the list.

Side note, this shirt is cool too!

Music Shirt

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  1. Yeah dudes. Every serious beat maker needs all of this. Imma go cop right now. I bet 9th is asking for the exact same stuff. Radical. No disrespect intended