Why Taylor Swift & MTV Should Thank Kanye West

Why Taylor Swift & MTV Should Thank Kanye West

It’s 4 days after the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, and the Talyer Swift / Kanye incident is still in the news. It’s in the most popular video section on Youtube, it’s been a trending topic on Twitter, and it’s still being shown on the news.

Kanye West Awards

I don’t at all feel bad for Taylor swift. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with Kanye West’s behavior. It was rude, and not called for at all. But honestly it’s what I have come to expect from him. What he did wasn’t shocking at all to me. It’s not the first time he has freaked out at award shows.

But this is why Taylor Swift should be thanking him, because 4 days ago I didn’t know who Taylor Swift was. Companies spend millions of dollars to get a artist name out there, and this stunt got her name on almost every news channel possible, talked about by millions of people on Twitter, and was posted on thousands of blogs.

This stunt wont hurt her career at all. It’s helped! She was a victim of a Kanye attack ( which is probably better then a sex tape ), and she will probably sell more records. What I recommend her to do is, record a new album, and win another award, and thank Kanye West. The media would love this.

As for MTV, no award show should be trying to ban Kanye West from a award show. Invite him, have in in the front row, have a camera on him the whole show, and have a “Will Kanye Blow Up!” meter. Ratings will go up.

Kanye West

MTV got all kind of publicity from this stunt, so they shouldn’t be mad either.

So in the end, everyone won off of this matter. Well, everyone one but Kanye. That was a jack ass move man.


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  1. If Taylor Swift was someone more obscure, I’d agree, but she was one of the top-selling artists in ANY genre in 2008. She’s HUGE, man, and just because you didn’t know about her…doesn’t mean much. It’s not like you’re going to go out and buy her album now. She was already reaching her audience.

  2. Good comment Justin. Haha Kanye did’nt get nothing out of this but being called a jackass by the president of the united states. Damn

  3. “and have a “Will Kanye Blow Up!” meter” rofl absolutely priceless!

    Great post Mark, I too agree this helped her career in more ways than one, maybe I wont buy her albums cause I didn’t buy them before, but Ill quit telling others how much I cant stand her, now I just feel sorry for her.

  4. First of all, Mark, great article!! I really enjoyed reading from your point of view! I hadn’t thought of it, either, which is awesome that you opened my eyes to it. Yes, I do agree with what you are saying, and, no, I don’t bye Taylor’s albums, but I didn’t like her at all before this instance. Now I see a mature artist who handled it well. I respect her a little more. I also feel bad for Kanye, because although it was stupid, there have been major repercussions from what happened and his career is paying for it. All in all, this will not soon be forgotten.

  5. I doubt many of the people who were unaware of Taylor before the incident would be buying her album(s) now. She’s been a top country pop star for a few years already. Let’s face it, Kanye’s audience and Taylor’s audience are diametrically opposed.

    To me the big winner here is Obama. He called Kanye a “jackass” which can only help him in the eyes of your wingnut republican base. Had he gone the other way and said nothing or excused Kanye’s behavior it would have fueled the flames and given talking points to said wingnuts.

  6. good point I hadn’t thought of that one either, I’m glad that ‘off the record’ clip got released too there needs to be more honesty in politics yeah I know that’s a pipe dream lol

  7. Well…she did become a home town hero…now everyone is rooting for her…she has a chance to make her career legendary.

  8. Thank you to everyone who left a comment.

    I’m hearing what everyone saying about Taylor Swift was a top seller of records in what ever category. Regardless, I didn’t know who she was a few days ago, and I know a people who have never heard her music or her name until now. So this has helped her.

    At that, please tell me another situation where she would have got as much publicity on the news, blogs, twitter, etc. in less then 24 hours. Nothing that I could think of that wasn’t truly bad for her. This has only helped her career.

    Thanks to everyone for reading.

  9. Yup, I and my friends thought the same thing, we figured it was all a set up by Kanye West in order to make someone’s career grow or prevent from going down…that’s Hollywood for you!!! Nothing is ever real expect maybe for some “real life” shows/reality shows, but even those, I’m sure, are edited to a certain extent.