5 Reasons 80% of Music Producers FAIL

5 Reasons 80% of Music Producers FAIL

Here is a great podcast by Busy Works Beats on five reasons why 80% of music producers fail.

Here are five mistakes music producers make to not succeed at selling beats.

Why Music Producers Fail

1. Following the Crowd

To many music producers copy and follow one another instead of being unique and original.

Don’t try to sound and be like every other music producer. Create your own music sound and own fan base.

2. Not Using Imagination

Music producers aren’t using their creative imagination enough to think bigger and be more creative.

Beat Makers let the computer lead the direction of a beat.

Music producers create concepts of songs and visualize the final product.

Use your mind to create the things you want. It starts with creative thinking: write it down, set goals, and take action!

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3. Not Selling

Music producers are undervaluing their time and not getting paid for their work.

You MUST value your time and beats if you want potential customers to do the same.

Make money off your talent.

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4. Giving Out Tons of FREE Stuff

Pick and choose who you give free beats too.

If your entire business model is built around free beats, it will be hard to convert people into paying customers.

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5. Low Beat Prices

If your beat prices are too low, music artists may think you aren’t selling high-quality beats.

Also, music artist will make money from using your beats. So you should set your prices higher, so you both are financially rewarded.

What are your thoughts?

If you want more tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online.

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  1. I think marketing and sales has a say in this as well. You can be pure gold, if you don’t learn how to sell, how to market yourself it doesn’t matter anyway, nobody knows you even exist.

    If you rely on a random platform like facebook, youtube or other social media you are also lost in the noise and nobody cares until you start getting traction. Now, getting traction, that’s the tricky part. I think most people get stuck here and eventually quit since it’s an uphill battle unless you got cash and maybe run some adds or something for that initial kick.

    Also, if you are “too creative”, too different, unless there’s a big name behind the style people will probably skip, consider your stuff garbage. I think the key here is how you massage an existing successful style rather than being radically different.