Whats the Difference Between the Music Maker Theme and Other Sites?

I have been asked this question by a few people, so I wanted give everyone the answer. The Music Maker theme is built on top of the WordPress CMS platform. What this means is you can create all the static pages, and blog post that you want that people can share, and leave comments on.

While other sites online give you a 1 page profile, there is no limit to the content you create with WordPress and the Music Maker theme.

Hip Hop Makers is built on WordPress, so all the features I have on this site, you can have and much more.

Blog Post Ideas

  1. Audio Post
  2. Videos
  3. Personal Updates
  4. New Updates
  5. Photos
  6. Links
  7. Behind the Scenes
  8. Interviews
  9. Helpful Articles
  10. Etc

Website Page Ideas

  1. About ( Bio / Discography )
  2. Services
  3. Products
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Video Section
  6. Events
  7. Store
  8. Press
  9. Testimonies
  10. FAQs
  11. Contact Page
  12. Tutorials
  13. Fan Photos
  14. Booking Info
  16. Beat Contracts
  17. Albums / Mixtapes
  18. Music Artist
  19. Etc

WordPress Plugins

WordPress.org offers over 20,000 free WordPress plugins. Plugins allow you to add additional features to a WordPress theme. This means you are not limited to the features of any WordPress theme, because you can add many more.

Types of cool plugins

  1. Add a poll for users to vote
  2. Load Instagram photos
  3. Add Additional SEO support
  4. Tons of social plugins
  5. Add a newsletter and much more

I just wanted to share my answer with everyone.

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