Producer Talk: What Beat Promotional Deals Have Worked Best For You?

Music Producers

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips / knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share what promotional sale tactics have helped you sale more beats and earn more money. Example: Some producers offer a buy 2 beats, get one free. What has worked best for you?

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  1. Get the beat along with 2 hours of studio time along with mixing/mastering for $150, or get a beat and a tee for $50 which I’ve done from time to time.

    1. That’s a interesting strategy. I’m curious on how long does it usually take for you to mix and master the final track?

      1. About 6 hours total, the beat is already mixed so it saves time. I don’t finish the mixing/mastering in one sitting so my ears don’t fatigue.

        1. Thanks for the tip…i had a problem with mastering because i used to do it almost in one sitting

  2. If my Clients make referrals to my site and people follow up and purchase, then I offer beats half off.

  3. Sometimes I have “Happy Hour Deals” where for one hour only on a Thursday I have some huge deal of say “10 Beats for $10” or something. I let everyone know with my email list and I host the promo usually once or twice a month.

  4. how about tyring to promote the artists on your beats i am on a album and mixtape and i help promote the artists on my beats i am getting more traffic and sales i see allot of beatmakers online saying they sold 1000 beats but got no 1000 songs to proof it