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  1. I plan on getting a PMP worldwide account alot of other site’s seem like they only will get you lease sale’s ….!

  2. Man I have been doing trial and error and I have learned that hosting your own shit brings in money faster. I built my own website and the money started flowing in. I thought selling beats online was a scam, but it can be done. my site has been up for four years and I use my services as a steady income to live off of. If you notice all these websites make people signup just to download your shit and somethings wrong with that. SO I took the time to learn html coding and photoshop and those skills changed my life. my website: is majorwithnomajor.com feel free to ask me any questions. hiphopmakers is the dopest producer forum site out there and i really respect what your doing. thanks

    1. @Bryce Wonder

      Thanks for sharing. That’s great that you continue to learn and grow to be independent. Learning the skills you know can open a lot of doors for you.

      Thanks for the support Bryce & BeatzbyBurn1

  3. I hit as many angles as possible. Soundclick is where a lot of traffic is. so dab in there,BeatBrokerz, and promote my own sie as well

  4. The websites I’ve used are bandcamp, rocbattle and myflashstore.net. Usually I would use the embeded players and roll them over to my site(s) I at least know where exactly in the world my traffic is coming from. I like myflashstore because when someone buys a beat that cash is automatically put in your paypal. the downside to them however is that flash is not supported on iphone/ipad. Rocbattle on the other hand supports it and their player doesn’t stall either. their downside is their payout system but apparently they’re working on it. Haven’t made any money with bandcamp yet. Working on that one, LOL. Hope this helps anyone out there. Oh btw stay away from mybeatshop.com!!!! That guy is a scammer. Thx

  5. If Your Selling Beats I’d Go With What Bryce Wonder & What Hes Doing (Own Website etc)…If Your Looking To Get Placements With Indie Or Major……Networking Is The Way 2 Go. A Few weeks back I had asked this producer who has produced for jeezy, dj khaled, soulja boy (list goes on)….”How did/do you get placements with these artists???”…He told me you just gotta network,network & More network…he also said try & get to know the person who records for them because even though their just there to hit the record button & make afew tweaks they also want to add in their 2cents & help out the artist by assisting them with beats from producers who they think might suit the rapper/singers needs….because remember THEIR the ones who are in the studio with the artist most of the time if not ALL the time…..also theres a site called “gotbeatsfor” they also gotta twitter (who doesn’t) but yeah they always stay updated on who needs beats TRUST ME some of the producers that I follow have gotten placements with rappers like Kid Ink. Cash Out. Tyga 40glocc etc….No Lie…just remember your competing against other beatmakers who are as hungry as you are…..you dont need 2 sign up or anything just follow them on twitter (search up “gotbeatsfor”) follow them…& start sending those beats str8 away…hope this helps out #Peace HipHopMakers

  6. All The Beatmakers on here are probably already following “gotbeatsfor” but hey I’m not a greedy producer like some others. The Reason Why I Give Out Info For All The Beatmakers Out There Is Coz I was in the same position….no help was given from other producers & some have their secrets on that “How To” tip but thats okay I Guess everyones gotta eat…

    & another thing is that do not save their (artist) addresses to your gmail,hotmail etcc….so you can send beats later…because i’ve noticed that they tend to create a account where you can send your beats to & then delete the account after they have checked out all the beats that have been sent..trust me it happened to me LOL i remember when Ace Hood put a accessible email account & I saved it for later. I made a couple beats & not even 2-3 days later my beats were rejected because the account had been closed or something (you know how it goes)….so as soon as “gotbeatsfor” updates on twitter….send beats to whoever you want str8 away…..

  7. i use bandcamp to sell my beatz. i forward my http://www.beatzbytbagg.com domain to my bandcamp artist page becuase it’s all automated allowing me the opportunity to make money in my sleep and not have to worry about emailing beatz

  8. .I’m still in the process of setting everything up but you’re to check it out. I also use gotbeatsfor.com and have gotten emails back (Def Jam, Dark Child, etc) so it works. Haven’t gotten any major placements but still grinding.

  9. I currently use bandcamp.com because, that’s where I sell my drum beats. My drum beats album is currently being developed; and I’m still working on adding some tracks.