How to Install Akai MPC Replacement Pads ( Video )

Akai MPC Replacement Pad

Recently I bought a used Akai MPC 1000 on Craigslist. What I didn’t know when I bought it was that the 3 of the MPC pads were bad. So I decided to spend $8 per pad ( $24 in total ), plus $8 for shipping, and replace the pads myself. Here is how I replaced the drum pads.

Tools used:

  • Soldiering gun
  • Soldier ( Any size should be fine )
  • Screw driver
  • Flat stable table
  • Youtube
    Before attempting to soldier anything, I watched 2 instructional videos on youtube, that helped a lot. Click here: Video 1 , Video 2 .

Side Notes:

  • The first pad was hard to do, so I had to redo it. But after that, it was very easy to do.
  • I bought my MPC pads from, they are very popular in the MPC world. I paid for 2 day shipping, and they shipped it to the wrong address. When I complained about this, they said it would ship it out the next day, they said they would make up their mistake by given me a adding a additional pad. It, took another 2 days, and no additional pad was added.

Last note, if I can do it, you can do it to, save yourself the heart ache, and of messing with foil or other temporary fixes, just my opinion.

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  1. I think video is very good info the only thing I don’t know is how I know what wire to solder I have a H on my replacement pads and I noticed you had a red c. Not real sure what that means holla back if you can help me out