1. My first time seeing it!! I’m new to the site maybe been coming here for about 3 months or so. Didn’t know who ran it but, Mark V, I get a lot of inspiration from this site man. I hope you don’t stop with the videos. I really appreciate your effort to have something out here for us. Hope my videos come up here very soon!

  2. Ya this video a little old.. But it’s still very relevant especially since they letting us know about some sick plug-in.. Gear, plug-ins, VST’s etc no matter how old is never irrelevant.

  3. I’m sorry but this site is one of the few that still puts effort into finding videos. Crate-kings for instance hasn’t had anything compared to hiphopmakers.com. I’ve run blogs successfully….do you know how hard it is to always find content? So keep @ it Mark. love the site and the consistent inspiration. -Knetic

    1. @kneticmusic

      Thanks for the support. Yea, running a blog isn’t easy with all the other personal things I have going on in my life. But a lot of readers don’t care. I’m happy some do.

      Thank you again.

  4. You slacking man seriously!!
    you putting up stuff from years back!
    If you got a new hussle close dis ish down simple!

    1. @Audiochild

      Just cause you saw the video a year ago, doesn’t mean you everyone else saw it.

      I’ll keep the site going regardless

  5. @Hey….stop buggin the man.

    Yo thanx for the video and inspiration cause I didn’t know about this one producer

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