SoundClick Exposed by

SoundClick Exposed by

Here is a video by NFX at sharing problems he has had in the past with

It’s some what of a personal rant, but he shares some potential problems you may come across with using the music selling website.

Complaints with SoundClick

  • The SoundClick website is outdated
  • Their traffic is going down
  • Complaints in music forums that they don’t support music producers well
  • Poor customer service complaints

Here is another users experience I found on the Future Producers Forum.

If you’re thinking about using SoundClick for selling beats, think again. This is what they did to their #1 user who brought SoundClick tens of thousands of dollars and over 100 million song plays.

“I’m the owner of Anno Domini Beats and have been a SoundClick member for 10 years, gaining over 100 million song plays and sending the majority of their traffic to the site. I have earned them tens of thousands of dollars up until now. Over the past few days SoundClick proceeded to first delete 325 beats randomly from my page because I complained about them never replying to my support emails. They then shut down my second SoundClick page when I complained about that, and now they have also shut down my main Anno Domini Beats page when I asked for a refund for the VIP services and promotion I had already paid on the deleted account. Still not a single email back from them. They have also blocked me from posting on the forum, blocked me from contacting MY OWN mailing list, and blocked me on Facebook because I tried to contact them privately to resolve the matter. If you need any more proof that SoundClick is a scam site there you go! If you’re sick of SoundClick treating its users like crap, sick of a website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years and moderators that hate Hip Hop musicians and producers, then join me in leaving the website. There are so many better options out there like Soundcloud, YouTube, Music Centro, Beat Stars etc.

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  1. Yo that beat was actually pretty nice. Lol at this whole debacle. Dude has a legit complaint. Also Lol @”retarded”.

  2. NFX just exposed the hell outta Sound Click. This video should go viral to all producers…shut those bastards down. Glad i never joined that BS.
    NFX is a good dude and well respected and credible. NFX has taught me a lot over the years when i first started out making beats..Don’t double cross my bruh. Sound Click don’t want it with NFX. TRUST.

  3. I appreciate the video. I make money on Soundclick, but they also make money off me. I’m taking my business elsewhere. I’d rather share money with good people.

  4. Hell yeah I’m with you fam F**K soundclick and they are hating on hiphop hard. Soundclick was never intended for us and we took over and they hate it. The same exact thing happened to me and they suspended my account too. The fact of the matter is if your not a top 3 or 4 producer bringing them tons of money they say fuck you. That’s okay though because we always adapt and adjust and come up with something for us and prevail.

  5. I am sorry i did not catch this post early in the year. Soundclick is full of shit. They did same thing to me after one of my songs reached number 3 on the charts hip hop. I also received same bullshit from an admin after paying to have a vp account. I have never paid another dollar to the site since. Dont waste your money with soundclick there bias and are uploading songs from other musicians thank you WARBEATS for speaking out…God bless.