Should I Copyright My Beats / Songs?

Should you copyright my music? Do you have rights to music without a formal copyright? What happens if your music gets infringed on? DJ Pain 1 addresses the benefits and complications of U.S. copyright law and what that means for independent musicians, producers and songwriters.

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  1. i’ve done my homework already but it never hurts to refresh yoursef thanx! (note) the producer who made trinidad james first single had put a beat tape out and didnt copyright
    it before who ever gave the beat to james and i felt bad because the man could have gotten paid in full for his work!

  2. Yea I def feel you about that All Gold everything beat. Im not really anyone special but thats why I wont ever put out a beat tape. Im very hands on with my music and I dont really want someone I dont exactly have a working relationship or someone I havent meant through someone else using my material and getting paid from it. That may be limiting myself but oh well.