New Music Maker Theme Features (New Beat Store)

Music Maker WordPress Theme

I have been working hard on the Music Maker WordPress theme and it is packed with tons of new updates for music producers selling beats and digital products.

New Beat Store Template

The new beat store template is in a scrolling window and offers 2 color theme options. – View Live Demo

Light Theme

Music Maker Light Beat Store Theme

Dark Theme

Music Maker Dark Beat Store Theme

New Features:

  • Automatically start beat store player
  • Display or hide image thumbnails
  • Next and previous track buttons to skip beats
  • Auto play next song
  • Faster loading
  • New buy and free download icons
  • Display lowest to highest beat price

Beat Highlight Icon

Select a highlight icon when adding beats. You can select “On Sale”, “New”, or “Popular”.

Beat Store Icons

New Beat Sorting Bar

The new beat store template has a sorting bar dropdown menu option to easily sort beats by genres, categories, or tags.

Sort Beats

New Widgets

Social Profiles Widget

You can now select the option to link to your social profiles with these bigger social icons. View Live Demo

social widget

About Widget

This new widget allows you to easily add a photo, short description, and link the image to your about page to allow visitors to learn more about you.

about widget

Beat Sorting Dropdown Widget

Here is another beat sorting dropdown widget option. This widget can include 3 dropdown menus to sort beats by genre, category, or tag.

sorting widget

Sell Digital Products ( Drums, Samples, Etc )

The product store has 3 product options available:

  1. Sell Digital Products – Sell drums, samples, etc.  Checkout 6 Products Music Producers Can Sell
  2. Physical Products – Sell clothing, posters, and other merchandise.
  3. Link to External Sites – This can be affiliate links or link to other online stores.

Sell Digital Products

WordPress Back-end Improvements.

Remove WordPress Admin Menu Links – A new feature has been added under Settings called “Admin Sidebar Links” that will allow you to hide the WordPress admin sidebar links.


Other improvements

  • Improved text readability.
  • Simple website animations – A few simple hover animations have been added to the theme to make it feel a little more interactive.
  • New navigation font.
  • More CSS control. View CSS Tips & Tricks.
  • And much more.

Learn More About the Music Maker Theme

Create a Music Business

Create a professional website to sell beats, products, and music. Offer music services. View Features »

Sell Beats & Products Online - Music Maker WordPress Theme

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  1. Hi there! I wanted to ask, if possible, some things that I think could be helpful on your template:

    1. The option to filter by genre plus category plus tag. Now you can filter through one of those, but not combining the three options.

    2. The option to mark as favourite, not only download or buy an item. And have favourites widget.

    3. In the paginated template, it would be helpful if you could click on the name of a beat and open it (The single beat page).

    Well, hope that helps to improve the theme!


  2. I like this theme! I’m a beat maker and I’m selling my beats online and I have been looking for some wordpress themes with a beat player and I found this theme. Awesome theme!!!

  3. Hi please i have a question ! im a website developper so i do my own special things but i was wondering if i only can get the player Plugin , and how much ?

  4. hallo i have purchased the theme but i have failed to edit it well. any one willind to help me out? thanks

  5. Can I have this system tag beats for me, i.e. system tags the beats, then when buyer buys, downloads without the tag? Thanks