1. I agree Barrington its just his signature sound. I guess he is addicted to those chord progressions, also every producer have a way they like to layer there drum tracks.

    All in all he is a very talented musical mind and a lot of mainstream cannot compete with his art.

  2. he has a signature sound like many writer/producers, but I wouldn’t say that everything sounds identical.

    Overall these videos are great, but they crack me up. I wonder if he actually has a dude open and close car doors for him every day or if it’s just for the videos.

  3. Hahahaha. Yo hear what your saying right there. I also might have to watch his videos a couple more time to agree with you 100%. Good find to Mark.

  4. Ok so here’s what i think of ryan leslie, when it comes to beat making videos he is plain royalty and his beats are amazing too but is it me or does almost all his beats sound the same, i feel like he uses the same instruments, but then it’s weird cuz he would use like 10 different keyboards in one video lol idk what do you guys think?

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