4 Ways To Promote Your Website

Here are a few helpful tips on ways to promote your website and generate more traffic.

Ways To Promote Your Website

Join Forums

Join forums that you like and participate in discussion. Put your URL in your forum signature or create an animated banner that links to your website. Here are 9 Music forums.

Comment on Blogs

Leave good comments on blogs that you like. Many blogs ask you to enter your name, email address, and web address. This is great because this gives you an opportunity to link back to your site. Also, when more websites link to your website, you will have a higher search engine ranking. This will make it easier to find your site through search engines.

Join Social Communities

I’m not picking one more then the other, but there are a lot of online communities you can join to possibly generate more traffic. A lot of the sites allow you to enter your URL in the profile.

The goal of joining these additional communities is to become a active member, gain friends and interest, and getting them to come to your site.

Here are some social sites I think you should look into:

Make Youtube Videos

Well don’t just make a video for Youtube, there are plenty of other video site around.
Start a video blog, make some beat making video, do a music video, do a tutorial. Do something. But make it entertaining, and put your URL in the video and on the side bar of the video.

Good tips to shooting some videos


People hate spammers. I hate spammers. Don’t Spam! Don’t post a million Myspace bulletins of the same thing, don’t just post a crappy comment to post your URL. By doing these things your are building a bad name for yourself and the URL you are posting. So STOP IT!!!!

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  1. Hey,
    Great article on music website promotions! I am working with a music project called Blastbeat that really utilisies all the social networking tools for sharing and promoting music. Blastbeat began in Ireland and is now happening in New York, LA, South Africa and many countries in Europe. Blastbeat has it’s own social networking site blastspace.com which allows members to share music, gig video and resources. Full details can be found on http://www.blastbeat.org

  2. This article helped a lot. keep this good info coming and i will continue to check em out. “respect”

  3. Great article. Love your writing and all the research you do to get great material. I may not be truly focused on being a producer but a lot of your tips I have applied to my own website if I haven”t thought of them before… which most I haven’t.

    Keep up the great work!

    – Jeremy

  4. Those are some really good tips, Ive already started using some of them. There seems to be an abundance of good information here, some really excellent advice and production tips. Ive learned a lot, hopefully enough to improve my own productions and self promote myself better. Keep Up the Good work!
    Oh and btw if you get a chance visit :


  5. Good article, direct and to the point. Social networking definitely seems to be the name of the game in promoting your site. Useful content that updates frequently also can not be overstated to get repeat visitors.


  6. decent stuff here… there are a ton of ways to utilize these methods, different twists on these methods, and quite a few other ways to bring in traffic. I may have to write that article to support this one and bring even more ways for Independent Artists to shine. good stuff my guy…



  7. dude, thx for the info. I’m taking your advice & postin on forums, blogs etc.
    I’m beginning right here with your blog.

    Keep doing your thing, as it helps us.

    It seems like you know what you’re talking about.

    Alot of people don’t want to help others. I’m glad there are people like u out here who are willing to help aspiring beatmakers/producers.

  8. also Alpyne music. tell us how u made a success out of your website..

    i’ve made my own website, been promoting it day n night, but not sold 1 beat with my website, while.. i have sold 30+ beats with mybeatshop.com etc.

    i don’t quite understand this..

  9. alpyne, since u have a successfull website, could u write an article/give info about how you made your site what it is right now..?

    i mean.. i got my own website, but i’ve not been able to sell anything with my website till now. I know it must NOT be the beats, cuz i’ve sold 30+ beats without my website… this is very strange and i don’t really understand it..

    I’ve been promoting my website on forums, banners on websites, myspace, twitter, soundclick and alot of other sites..

  10. Well, that was a great blog and I enjoyed the read, you should note though that some of those youtube videos have been removed by the user, just thought you should know.

    Im currently using this list to promote my site: mediamach.com so thanks for the help :).

  11. Great article. Very good tips right here… Especially the leave comments on blogs/myspace tip.
    Helped me quite a bit!

    – Vis

  12. Really useful tips. I never thought of the idea of leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Thanks for that. Chakali

  13. Good tips man I really appreciate posts’ like this, I’m trying to do something for the underground Hip-Hop community, we deserve a spotlight too.

  14. Best comment out their, tnx much. I learned a lot from reading this,then i did from many sites combined.Gud luck to everyone thatz trying to be heard in any way…….Peace

  15. Great article, The info you posted in a must for all beat sellers and anyone who wants to promote their website.
    Thanks again

  16. Great to see so many people leaving their URLs within the comments section. I’ve just started my own website and the tips mentioned in this article are just as relevant