Producer Talk: What Music Networking Tips Can You Share?

What Music Networking Tips Can You Share

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips / knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share What Networking Tips Can You Share?

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  1. Give more than you receive. Nobody wants to feel used. Make sure the relationship is always mutually beneficial. And always be honest. Respectful but honest.

  2. Talk to artists about the type of music they make
    Learn to integrate all your social media
    send artists exclusives of tracks for feed back and collaborations
    learn about current trends in music

  3. talk to anyone & everyone. You never know who has the network or who knows someone that can positively affect your craft

  4. Always have new content for people to look at. Also, like Dot Inc said. talk to everyone. Iv met a lot of people by just talking about what i do to everyone.

  5. Always be willing to help someone out. I reached out to a former manager of Izza Kizza several years ago. I was trying to get some tracks with him, but nothing came from it. I then get an email just last week from a guy saying he wrote a hook to one of my tracks. The hook was on point and has been sent to a major artist for consideration. I asked the guy how he found out about me and it turns out that the former manager told him about me. I probably haven’t spoken with the manager in at least 2 years. So just make sure that you have something that is memorable, and it does not necessarily have to be the music. Maybe it is the packaging (like how the Apple Juice Kid would give out Apple Juice boxes with his beat CDs, I think. LOL). Be memorable!…

  6. Don’t let relationships go cold. Anybody can meet a bunch of great contacts but staying in touch with people is much harder. You can break it down like this: stay in contact weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It just depends on who you are talking to. A hot music contact weekly, every other music contact monthly, and people in general at least quarterly. Just because they are not music makers doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with great music leads. Keep people up to date with what you’ve got going on. Also, if a lead never calls me back I’ll make more than one effort to contact them per week. This is especially important for record label people or contacts that know a lot of people.

  7. Create quality music, develop leads for possible connections and get a website. Also never turn away people that take interest in what you do even if they don’t have money. Focus on your following and promote your service to those that will more likely support. Collect phones, email addresses, and twitter/facebook pages to keep people posted on whats new. I went from making beats fun fun, to making a living doing what I love. Those are some of my tips and I hope I was able to help someone.

  8. I think the best strategy is to not put all your beats in one basket. Make sure you are visible in multiple beat-selling platforms and make sure to integrate them with social media as much as possible. People will find you if you make good music…

  9. Don’t sell your music for free. You aren’t a charity, and don’t listen to those idiots telling you to give your art away, drop outs and probably never made a decent record in their life