What Are You Tired of Hearing on the Radio?

What Are You Tired of Hearing on the Radio

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share What you tired of hearing on the radio?

What Are You Tired of Hearing on the Radio

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  1. Real talk, I’m all trapped out. Every song that’s spinning right now sounds the same. Heavy 808,snares, and fast hats made with FL studio paint brush. I hate it because the sound is so basic and bias that what real producer can sale a quality traCK in times like this? They trying to take sampling from us and without that you lose your hiphop roots. I’m just all trapped out for the most.

  2. I agree w you guys. I’m tired of damn trap music on the radio all the time! Im a fan but it gets to be too much! Can we get some good music that we hear on these sites and blogs? How about some J Cole, Rick Ross – Amsterdam or Sixteen ft. Andre 3K? Kendrick Lamar or Nipsey Hussle? I dont listen to the radio but i def hear cars around me and whats blastin out the speakers. Kinda off topic but I heard that Lupe Fiasco might retire soon after Food and Liquor 2 drops. That’s sad cuz Lupe is a dope artist and I think the industry and music execs drove his heart out of hip hop because he wasn’t into those garbage radio hits. Thank God for AUX cords in the whip lol

    Ki Dope – ki.dopemusic@gmail.com
    18 yr old artist/GOOD producer

  3. I’m really passionate about radio an imma start by saying I’m UK based and to live in a time where radio & the industry in general think “one size fits all” is a good business model is sad & tbh bores me.

    Whenever I listen to us radio,it’s always the same artists with the same trap sound and on uk radio its the dance or EDM sound doing the same thing with a different hook..it’s sooo diluted & boring.
    I’m sick of David Guetta. A curse to music imho cuz it’s just not inspiring..too many artists have sold out to this fool and it’s painful to see i.e Usher, Flo-rida etc jumping on the latest trend like that.

    UK radio is not much different in that the POPular artist / song get playlist air play allday everyday on weekdays but weekends have a lot more “specialist” shows & pirate radio, so selective listening is an absolute must for me.
    I get my fix of “REAL Hip Hop” weekly from DJ 279 aka Numbers on choicefm.com in London.. He bangs out the realness an he’s a proper hip hop head too.If yall get a chance, check him out Saturday midnight GMT or 7pm EST.

  4. I actually like the whole Luger trap thing. However, everybody is doing it and so it is tough to be individualistic in it. As someone who has beenb a part of success in music other than hip hop, I can tell you that what they play on the radio is what sponsers are willing to support and they support what people buy and like.

  5. I’m tired of hearing monotonous lyrics and beats.

    I’m not hating on southern rappers or beats, I grew up on and loved Geto Boys, Outkast, and 2 Live Crew, among others, but I’m tired of EVERY southern rapper trying to sound like the next.

    I understand a lot of these guys come from the same cities and states (namely Atlanta, GA), but hell, there were like a dozen acts outta NYC in the 90s, and they all had there own CLEARLY distinctive sounds.

    You weren’t gonna confuse Wu-Tang with Public Enemy, or Nas and Jay-Z, but when you listen to a lot of these guys from Atlanta, they all sound alike. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were all from the same camp. The only rappers with national popularity and radio play, that have unique sounds, styles, and lyrical content, is Jeezy (not so much content, as he pretty much only talks about how many “keys” he’s moving this week), T.I. and Ludacris.

    Everybody else sounds like carbon copies of each other or rappers from other regions who’ve gained popularity. Example, Drake came in with the singing gimmick, and now EVERY new southern rapper is tryin’ to sing with Auto Tune in full swing of course.

  6. I like it when artist put meaning into the beat like a purpose whether its juss for being groovy or chill or a killer beat. But when they are juss saying the most random stuff then its juss done, specially when the artist sounds like he reading the lyrics instead of feeling it. Or when the beat doesn’t change up a little.