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  1. How is he making this? doesnt look like hes even playin the instruments on the keyboard which you can do in FL. Clicking in all the sounds? whats the fun in that. Dont like the beat but I dont want to hate its just not my style

  2. yo I think the beat is hot!! @1st I thought it was gonna be another mc hammer/bmf. Besides he probly plays the intrs 1st then records them 4 l8tr 2 use 4 a quik beat

  3. heheh u can kinda here this dude wil never get away from the mc hummer type beats///

  4. niggs like lex is the future. keep ur isht up dawg. u and flocka was like the shit . im flippin cuz im into the same shit myself and you know fl with some good monitors ca do crazy things fuck this industry!!!!

  5. Hahhahhahahahah……. LEX LUGER is now getting crazy…. me go call him the beatworm…..such a nerd on beats yet he is goood…. vewi vewi good