Preparation First – Music Production Tips

It doesn’t really matter that you buy the latest/best high-tech music studio equipment and software if you don’t have the ideas and the necessary talent to create some good tracks. It’s really the quality of the music you make that ultimately matters more than anything else. If you are technically perfect, but the song stinks, then, well, the song still stinks. Perfect production can only take you so far.

The flip side of this problem is that a good song, well-produced, can be a great song. Considering details, attending to the small stuff, and being a bit of a perfectionist with the mixing and mastering may leave you with a stellar product, one you can really be proud of.

Learn how to use the hardware and software that you already have, and use it to its maximum potential. Take online courses, read the manuals, join forums, and really dig in to the features. There are so many resources available for anyone interested in home music production using a home computer, taking advantage of them is critical for success.

Just remember, both hardware and software are only one part of the equation. Concentrate on writing great songs and tracks to record, and then spend your efforts recording them and mixing them perfectly. Focus on the fundamentals. Take your time with the production, and you’ll get the best results. Anyone can record anything. You want to stand out and be the best!

Here is a good place to start if you want to learn more about the techniques, software and hardware to create music.

Article Written By: Sah Sabado
Bio: Coming from a family of musicians, I am the only one who is unable to play any musical instrument, hence my desperation to find some way to contribute something during our private performances at home. Thanks to computers and the internet, I have started exploring the new world of digital music. Join me in my quest at finding the best resources for home recording!Visit: and
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  1. Good read Sah. I was once there when I spent thousands on beat gear. You definitely want to master one piece of primary gear before you go out buying up a whole bunch of more gear thinking thats the solution to your production problems. Join the forums, frequent sites like these. Hit up the Marks and Sah’s that can help you out on a grassroots beat production level then start making good music.

    Feel free to check out my Beat Production Technology website blog at

  2. hi wallholder! thanks for reading my piece. the common mistake of most newbies is really buying all the “suggested” gears and trying to learn how to play them all at once. the great thing with the internet is that, you have sites like these and forums where you can discuss issues with experienced music producers.

  3. yeah i believe you have to learn in stages, master one bit at a time and within time they will all sync with each other.

  4. Very true Jay.

    After dabbling my digitally dusted fingers in Reason for a couple months then finally deciding to stick primarily with FL Studio, mainly because of its robust recording and sampling environment, I can now easily bring both of them into one world syncing them with ReWire.

  5. wassup? nice blog… uh, ive been recording with mixcraft for a couple years now but the thing is, i dont know shit bout recording other than having a mic pressing record and recording over a beat… what tips do you have for a newbie like me?

    appreciate it.

  6. Waz happenin ya’ll…I’m kEPToOZIN, I gat ma home studio goin on bt I aint gat aloto of studio equipmnt thou its jus me nd ma desktop.I’ve been makin beats since ’06,I started off as a rapper though.Jus wana knw whr do I sign up for registration of ma beats online ’cause nw I feel like they ready to hit the masses yo?