Poll: Who is Your Favorite Hip Hop Music Producer?

Who is Your Favorite Hip Hop Music Producer

In this weeks poll vote for your favorite Hip Hop music producer.  Vote for your favorite music producer now!

Who is Your Favorite Hip Hop Music Producer?

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If you don’t see someones name on the list, leave your recommendation in the comments below and they might be added, but I think this is a big list already.

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  1. Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock, RZA man It’s a toss up and yea as far as myspace producers check out AEON, he has worked with Tanya Morgan, Mickey Factz and did a bunch of ill remixes

  2. Dre is my all-time favorite hands down, but Timbo, Scott Storch, Just Blaze, and the Rza are all in my top grouping. Lately I’ve been feelin’ what the Runners are doing as well. Nice poll…



  3. music drumma boy, dj tump, snipe young, lil j

    video steven gurley, stein, media works communications

    movie sunset pictures, jonathan barbee

    porn sascha koch, no rules entertainment, vivid entertainment

  4. DJ Premier got my vote but someones gotta give some votes to RZA and Trackmasters! with 0 no way same with Ski thats cold some one hook it up. :) lol

  5. Yall Dont know ish about Music.


    Do your research, HE DID THRILLER!

  6. c’mon wheres stoupe, he’s no mainstream producer but he’s a genius and needs to be on here!

  7. I agree with Timba, J Dilla and RZA being up there but in my opinion the originality, diversity amd sheer quantity of Madlib’s work puts him on another level; the man’s a genius. Sad to see him so low down on a lot of these polls.

  8. Why is kanye always rated so high? How is rated better than legends of hiphop like pete rock or marley marl I mean who or what super power machine is behind him? His beats don’t make go D@mn wish I had that instrumental!

  9. Seems Like Everybody Is On The Bandwagon For Dre, Don’t Get Me Wrong Dre Is Good But Dj Quick’s Beats Are Better. I Like That Soul/ Funk Style That Quick Puts Into His Beats. His Beats Sound More Authentic, More Musical Quality

  10. You guys forgot DJ Battlecat and Fredwreck. They got a lot of productions and some classics on their list.