Poll: What’s your favorite MPC?

MPC Drum Machine

Akai has put out almost over 10 MPCs, and I’m curious to to find out what your favorite is.

I’ll share and say the MPC 4000 was my favorite.

What is Your Favorite Akai MPC?

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  1. I voted the MPC 200XL, but want to get that NI Maschine so bad!


  2. MPC4000 & MPC5000 for me are both just phenomenal and I will never sell either of them, ever. I wish I could even buy at least 2 more brand new back ups of each because I would. If you haven’t used the MPC5000 because of something you heard, you are missing out.

  3. I have had MPC 1000 / 2000 / 2000XL and 4000
    I have sold all of them except the MPC 4000. This beast is a WORKHORSE and never lets you down but here is a strong learning curve. Infinite options to tweak sample while sequencer is playing etc.. I lived and breathed for many years on the 2000 and 2000XL and both were fantastic machines (I produced entire Last True Family Man Sony LP on only MPC 2000XL and NOTHING else at all. It is amazing and I was using it also to loop breaks and not just Kicks snares etc.. If your looping on MPCs there are tips and tricks to help you get thru I suggest you check MPC Forums as these guys are the kings on info. But today my 4000 is the captain of my entire analog studio as it also handles perfect sequencing of all my analog gear and you can handle program changes etc.. right from the Seq window. I loved the MPC 1000 but even with the JJ Op system it was just to cryptic for me and too many curves to get where I wanted.
    For quick ready to start work flow I suggest 2000 / 2000XL For deep production 4000 and for all around great features with another option for internal HD (like 4000) I suggest 1000. MPCs RULE

  4. I stratted on the 2k classic and have Maschine studio. Now I love maschine but if I have to work and something is going on with my computer it’s nice to have hardware. I sold my 2k but now I have a 4K in the mail. I used my friends 4K years ago and it’s just cool and quick at everything. Plus the fact it has 24 bit I don’t have to process any sounds I’ve bought that came 24. To me Maschine studio and 4K are pretty much the same especially how I use them because I don’t loop I’ll save chords and notes and build my own instruments out of old $50 keyboards and records and put everything together inside the box whether it’s an MP or Maschine. That way I have quality sounds ready to go. The jjos Mpcs are cool but the 4K is to the point. The 5k is dope but the 4is actually easier to get around with.