Poll: What’s Your Biggest Problem As a Music Producer?

I’m curious on what is your biggest problem as a music producer today. I have a few ideas, but I would like to hear from you guys.

What's Your Biggest Problem As a Music Producer

Vote below and leave a comment if I’m missing something.

What is Your Biggest Problem as a Music Producer?

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  1. Another problem i’m having that wasnt listed is local artists wanting me to mix master and record their entire projects that i have already supplied the beats for free of charge. I know that sounds stupid because I probably shouldn’t be giving all my tracks away for free but i’m just trying to get my stuff out there

  2. My biggest issues I’m facing, is getting music to the right people. I figured out how to do all of the above except that. I mean I have guys that buy my beats and just sit on them. why purchase a beat if your not gonna promote your music? Thats like buying a mic and changing your mind about rapping. I usually talk a lot of shit, but this is a real topic and I wan’t do hear other peoples views.

  3. @Bryce Wonder, That kinda what im having an issue with. I havent been doing this to long but about 5 months ago i gave a couple of local dudes 15 tracks and I have yet to here even 1 finsished verse on anything.

  4. Dude if you’ve been making beats for 5 months you should just be studying the craft. Don’t even think about producing for any artists until you know what you’re doing more.

  5. yes im missing the ‘i don’t have enough ram space to put everything i want in a beat.
    i’ve been making beats for over 6 years.

  6. @Jacques Bugingo, Selling beats is not hard. The hard part is listening to produce the sound your fans like. The easiest way to sale a beat, is to know your fan base and by saying that I mean, you have to make music that fits peoples music style. Like if you make a beat for gucci, you can’t send a hiphop beat, you gotta make that trap with hard hitting drums. If your shit is hot people will promote you by word of mouth and find you to purchase.

  7. My big problem would be having artist that want beats but dont like to pay for them! I’ve had a couple of good clients that will pay but often the ratio does not add up lls! But the better the product the better the odds for a sale1 So now Im working on my mix more…. I could always probably use sum help on promo & marketing…..

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  9. je suis d’accord avec vous le plus difficile et de comment commercialiser vos battements et aussi Construire une base de fans

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