Poll: How often do you visit Hip Hop Makers?

The number of visitors of the site continues to grow, but I would love to know how many times you guys visit per week.

How often do you visit Hip Hop Makers?

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  1. honestly idk why i even visit that much! I’m not trying to be a hater but this site really sucks ass sometimes. its frustrating to me because i have seen really great articles but a lot of the time you just upload either old videos or really boring videos without any type of commentary on them. never really anything related to hip hop making besides watching people make hip hop…

    1. @china white

      If the site sucks, I don’t know why you visit it to be honest. Feel free not too. I am aware I don’t write many articles like I use too, But its cause I have less time on my hands, and this is a hobby site for me.

      I encourage you to start a better music production blog. It’s easy to criticize what you don’t actually do yourself.

  2. your blog rules!!! i have 1 question though… how come you dont show love to maschine? i’ve seen lots on the mpc, nothing on maschine!!!

  3. Yo Mark, I appreciate all that you do when you have the chance to do it… I have the RSS feed saved in my Google Reader so I know when you post something new. Take your time to do what you do bruh, some of us still appreciate it.

  4. I check this site every day. Its great!! This and cratekings are my two favorites. Keep it up Mark!!

  5. Anything you post is appreciated. The only thing I miss our those motivational articles you shared a while back. but keep up the good work man this site has inspired me several times since Ive followed it and for that I thank you.

  6. @mark v let me make a few mock articles for you and see what you think and ill send them to you and start contributing here…the comment wasn’t meant to be overly negative but it came out that way…the site could be a lot more than what it is