Poll: How Many Beats Do You Make Per Week?

Please share how productive you are as a music producer by voting your average number of completed beats per week.

How Many Beats Do You Make Per Week

How Many Beats Do You Make Per Week?

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  1. I know I need to step my game up and make more beats but I’m working on getting a new technique. It takes me longer to actually complete a track verses just laying down a bunch of ideas.

  2. I guess, When you start it’s good to make a bunch of beats per week, because you’re practicing. But as you develop your skills and get better and better, and more serious about this, you come to a point that you’re more productive if you spend more time in 3-5 tracks per week and actually finish them, with all the mixing&mastering. And once you start to learn really how to mx&master you just want to spend more time adjusting those tracks so they sound better. Just sayin’…

  3. im from the UK, and if ur making 1 or 2 beats a week then use this poll as motivation and not hate!, im averaging 2 a day and i work 2 full days a week..loving this tho, keep it up guys!

  4. unless you are throwing together a bunch of sloppy ass beats you should really only be making 2-3 a week, unless your a bum that doesnt have a job or go to school. If you really know how to mix and master a track then you know the time you have to put in to get your shit sounding right

  5. Honestly, I’d say I only do about 1 to 2 GOOD beats per week, and that’s all broken and bounced down.

    I will say that I lay out probably 30 to 40 ideas without question. Whether it’s a quick drum idea or a melody that strikes at any given moment, I’ll lay it out and revisit it later.

    I agree with you iLiveProductions – solid mixing can make a mediocre beat sound crazy, while garbage mixes can make a dope beat sound, well, not so dope.

  6. I use to make allot of beats all the time but now, I make 1 sometimes 2 beats a week. Sometimes I get in the “Zone” where I make about 2 or 3 a day but that’s rare.

  7. Less than one! But I put a lot of work into a single beat. Quality over quantity is always better.

  8. 10 a week, i work 5 days a week have a wife and 2 kids. I knock out 2 a day on my lunch break at work. Small akai keyboard,with my macbook and ableton live, and my ipad and beatmaker 2 with imported wav samples that make it bang! Barely get to touch my studio at home! But hey thank the Lord for mobile hardware these days!

  9. 1-2 beats a week tops, when you are serious about quality and the potential for creating an opportunity for your present /future. If your doing it just for some likes on line then a snare, kick and hats thrown together takes no time especially if you just dragging and dropping waves into a track. Create from scratch, be original and take time to mold your art (mix/master), what you in a hurry for? You feel better when create your sound and not just a beat and the industry will acknowledge you when your turn is opened.