Poll: How Big is Your Record Collection?

How Big is Your Record Collection

Music production poll topic of the week is records. How big is your record collection?

How Many Records Do You Own?

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  1. the sound of vinyl is the life blood of hip hop besides these digital releases for the most part sound like shit. I love digital recordings and cds are digital and even sound decent.

  2. My collection is not large enough and it will never be. I just like listening to vinyl, hell music in general. I chop stuff that my folks say WTF? What up X? I see you Kev.

  3. My collection is more of an addiction! I buy records so much I have 3 stacks that I haven’t even listened to yet and am itchin’ to go to the vinyl store right NOW!

  4. i voted zero. i really like the concept of sampling from records and havin access to caches of musical gold that you really can’t access on the internet, but it’s just not feasible from my perspective. i don’t know how much a record costs, probably not much, but also take the hardware and know how required to do somethin like sampling directly from a record and it kinda becomes a bigger task. like i said, it sounds like alot of really great fun, but its just not somethin i could make happen, or maybe i could, im gonna do some research on it now :)

  5. I’ve been collecting since I was Ten years of age. I have way over 5,000 records and counting!

  6. I have “over” 600 records. I have been collecting them for the past 40+ years. My sample and loop library ranges from jazz fusion and Miles, to Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and of course Parliament-Funkadelic and Prince. I have also sampled Genesis and Pat Metheny