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  1. I link up with folks through facebook. I dont really fuck with soundclick or any of those because I know cats that just download off those sites & use the beats anyways. Remember, ALWAYS put a tag over any beats you dont want to get jacked, and when using soundcloud or other services, disable downloads.

  2. Man i stop using social networks and built my own website: majorwithnoamjor.com and it has increase my production business buy 100%.lol People the game is changing and in order to survive you have to adjust to change.

  3. many beat makers are hungry , but when you low ball the ind. you make it hard for the next and up coming producer you spend most of your time in the studio and not on tore like the artist hard nock life was sold to ( damon dash / jay z ) for 10 grand and made millions , the moral of the story is don’t sell your self short specially when you have a establish artist

  4. I would also say to find relevant sites to sell your beats online with tools to protect your music. Greenhooks.com offer a copyright service for all our members to get their beats copywritten. Vocal tags are available as well and it’s optional. The main focus of the site is for producers and beatmakers to establish credibility which we do with a system call ACRS. This allows for a long range effect on producers who wish to make major deals with industry artist.