Poll: Do You Sample or Use Samples?

Do you use music samples?

I know a number of people have different opinions on sampling, so please vote and share your thoughts on it.

Do you sample?

Do You Sample?

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  1. I started out not sampling at all, as my sound has evolved I’m now about 50/50 split between samples and all original.

  2. I sampled a lot. I feel like it keeps the music alive and when your finished it made something old and dusty to bright and new again.

  3. I’ve learned to sample, though I find it’s best to do some of both. Expanding sounds is the fun part of producing. Great stuff!

  4. I came into production sampling. That’s where my heart is. I do play maybe 10% now though.

  5. Im always on digging & sampling.. thats Hip Hop!! O
    I live for that real authentic hip hop sound and love hearing great records sampled and bought to life in different ways..it gives a whole feel to the music.

  6. I’ve been making beats for almost 6 years and only started sampling 2 years ago, I haven’t stopped since and I only get better as time passes. Ready to invest in an MPC!

  7. Chopping up samples and replaying them into something new will always be lovely… Lately I’m messing with my own original compositions over sampled drums though, utilizing chord progressions and keyboards… Definitely a different type of aesthetic, maybe a little more rewarding… I will always love the sound of soul and jazz samples though… Should I be fortunate enough to sell some of my beats however, it would be nice to have full owndership of them… And that won’t happen with sampled beats…

  8. Prefer original over sampling. Tho I do a lil bit of sampling. If we sample everything now, what are the future producers gonna sample from our time? Gotta be trailblazers in the game

  9. I just use sampled Drums to layer under my Drums to make it sound more alive and sometimes i use short sampled instruments or voices to give the beat a bit more flavor.
    But i never use a sample as the main actors on a beat. I want to be free and original.