Poll: Do You Make Beat CDs to Promote Your Beats?

Poll: Do You Make Beat CDs to Promote Your Beats?

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Do You Make Beat CDs to Promote Beats?

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  1. Datpiff may be the move!!! Good looking out! I mean you got thousands of people on there everyday so the consistency is there to help get traffic to your beats…

  2. I use to but the game is so messed up and I don’t need cats jacking beats so I don’t deal with it. I just let people know about my website and let them stream from there. It’s only a handful of rappers that understand the business and are willing to purchase beats. The other have are just trend artist doing it because it’s what they see.

  3. I use to make beat cd’s, but recently i’ve been networking online. I’ve been using Gotbeatsfor (as mentioned above) and i also recently came across http://beatplacements.com which list the latest opportunities for producers.