Poll: Are You Using Live Instruments to Make Music?

Poll: Are You Using Live Instruments to Make Music?

A lot of people today are just making music using their computer and hardware. I’m curious if you guys are playing some live instruments like guitars, drums, horns, strings etc.

Are You Using Live Instruments?

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  1. For those who don’t know, to record live instruments you need to use at least one microphone. To get a wider sound in the stereo field and more natural sound you’ll need to two. There are many ways to record in stereo, so use your google skills on that. But here is a great deal for those who want a hi-quality matched pair for almost “give away” price. They can be used on anything and get a good recording .Though Out of stock at this moment, consider this a No-brainer when in stock. Use google skills for reviews on them. Imo everyone who is serious about their music craft and recording should at least one pair of these.