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  1. Wish I had known I would have sent you a few pics of my Reason 6 setup.

  2. I love when I drop thru the site and see new posts! Thank you sir I like seeing studio setups aswell…!!!

  3. Had to laugh at the last picture cause it looks like my younger brothers set up, but we all have to start somewhere and small set ups can be just as powerful as a large studio becuase if you got the beat making skills or learned alot about mastering your doing great. My younger brother makes really amazing beats and his even inspired me at the best of times, and he was like I show you the crap beats first. (I think some sounded great)

    I’m enjoying stock sounds in Reason lately and haven’t been turning to refills at all. I brought heaps of refills and friends recommended this and that and I got to a point where I had 120 Gig of refills and didn’t know what wa what and deleated heaps.

  4. Hi Mark,

    There are some good setups here. A little surprised to see the “Balance” interface so widely used as I don’t hear much about it.

    In fact, the only time I’ve seen it in a setup was on Prop’s site. My favorite picture is 3rd to last, with the “Angry Bird”.

    I don’t know if it’s because of how things are positioned or the way it’s (the image) filtered, but it looks very inviting to me.

    – Greg Savage