Who are the most overrated music producers?

Who are the most overrated music producers

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share who you think are the most overrated music producers in the music industry right now.

Who are the most overrated music producers

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  1. The Neptunes, I respect Pharrell and Chad for their own style and appreciate a couple of their beats, but they are overrated imo…

  2. The two most overrated producers in the game would be Mr.West & Swizz beats. Kanye jacked No I.d style and swagg and he can’t play a instrument to save his life. Good life was made by one of west boys playing around in the studio on the keys. (here’s the link bitches)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmIUP1E8BWU/ WTF Swizz dropping new shit that sound like old shit. That nigga like a old pimp stuck in his ways. If you can’t agree to at least one of my points your ears are not really to the street. also vist my website majorwithnomajor .com and clown my azz

  3. Swizz Beats is overrated. His cartoon-sounding beats makes me wonder why is he still relevant.

  4. Underrated would’ve been a better/topic. With so many cats tryna make beats its kinda hard ta think of a producer thats not overrated. Especially wit a lot of em jockin the same sound nowadays.

    But i can definitely agree on swizz tho plus i always felt kanye was always a lil overrated

  5. Dre by far! He rarely releases anything and when he does, people think it’s the greatest beat currently. He’s BEEN past his prime IMO, and even if he releases Detox, its a fail. Who needs that many years to release an album that’s most likely isn’t going to live up to the hype? Plus, he has other guys producing for him. I just don’t get it.

  6. I agree that Swizz is definitely overrated. All of his beats sound like “Tambourine,” which is his only hit in a while that has a distinct sound.

  7. Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz SWIZZ WACK ASS BEATZ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ok . Whoever said Mr. West deserves an air slap. second of all some of these south beats is just simple math but they really believe theyre producers. Lol. My most overrated pick is you producers who would speak blasphemy by saying kanye is overrated. Lol stop pleasr. Lol

  9. Most Music Producers who use massive samples are overrated. YES..or Yes, I do understand that hip-hop music was created from Rapper raping (Rap music) over a drum machines 808 back in the late 70’s to earlier 90’s before more innovated music production began to take over. But sampling is only 10% of what it takes to arrange a song rather then repetitive looped song which doesn’t even hold much water on Commercial radio stations today unless flooded by payola money.

  10. Woow someone really said Dre and Kanye was overrated. They clearly dont know music. But I would agree Swizz is definitely overrated

  11. While all opinions here are respected, take into account there is a difference between a “producer” and a “beatmaker”. Kanye West and Swizz, who are catching most of the slack here, were both great “producers”. Both brought their own style to mainstream music and changed the game in their own way back in the late 90s. And Kanye has always recognized No ID as his mentor, so I wouldn’t go as far as saying he jacked his style. Swizz had a signature sound that kept the industry buzzing just like Timbaland and the Neptunes. Not to mention, producers don’t always play instruments. It’s about being able to direct and create using various methods. Think about it this way, if someone uses Fruity Loops instead of sequencing on a yamaha motif, would that make him any less of a producer/beatmaker?

    The problem is there aren’t too many real “producers” these days. Everybody makes beats and sells them online and calls themselves a producer. With all due respect, you’re just a beatmaker if you’re not hands on with the talent.

    Bottom line, Kanye and Swizz were amazing producers. Maybe not as hot as they were 10 yrs ago, but you can’t knock what they brought to the industry.

  12. To each his own, but the guys ppl think are overrated are just good businessmen. They market themselves to appeal even if most would say that producer or beatmaker is overrated. Music is a talent but also a business if you want to make money. So if you see a weak ass rapper, producer, beatmaker, or singer make it big, just say damn that must be good good good marketing lol. I think alotta ppl out here are overrated but I gotta salute their ability to sell false talent.

  13. All the producers here made you gr8t hits and one of the best songs once upon a time so no need to hate guys so what i’ll say is they all changed and shaped the industry today and to be where they are now is alot of hard work but now stayin there is the difficult part one day you gys will be in their shoes on top and losing it that doesn’t mean you were never gr8t so we have to just give them the pros for taking hip hop this far from where it came from now its mainsteam so thats a big thing ey and now its our chance to take hip hop furter from where they left it off and not hate. so since yol don’t like dem do sumthing about it make your own name before you start talking smack

  14. Just about any producer or any anything who gets a lot of press gets hated. There are people out there who say Kobe can’t play ball. It is tough to even get somebody who can do something to listen to your stuff, let alone have a string of hits. Hats off to those producers who made it happen for a long string. With that said, I can’t say that I ever understood Dre’s thing. I give him huge props for business acumen. Sometimes when you see people going overboard with praise of someone, the hype turns you into a hater. Not everybody loves a winner.

  15. Honestly, I can’t really think of ANY OVERRATED producers.

    There are TONS of UNDERRATED producers, but there aren’t really a lot of producers in the spotlight like that anyway. Dr. Dre is certainly the BIGGEST in terms of name recognition and reputation, then I’d say Kanye West, and that’s about it for Hip Hop producers, and both of them truly DESERVE the acclaim they get as producers.

    Those of us who post on this and similar sites have a greater interest in the production side of music, especially Hip Hop music than the general public, so of course we’re all familiar with a larger collective of producers, so while WE know Just Blaze is just as hot as Kanye West and have provided several beats for Dr. Dre’s mythical “Detox” album, the average American most likely doesn’t know who Just Blaze is.