Music Producers Selling Beats For $10 to $25

Dame Taylor has some tips for music producers selling beats and why you need to set higher prices when selling beats. You can either sell 1 beat for $1000 or sell 100 beats at $10. Which on sounds better?

Warning: This video has some sexual references.

What are your thoughts selling beats for $25?

If you want tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online.


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  1. This is too true.. I see “4 beats for $25” all the time.. Take the time to perfect your craft to make valuable beats, then charge more for them..

    If you want to get in the music game ONLY to make money, then don’t create your own music off top to do so.. Sell someone else’s beats!

  2. Well I would prefer leasing them for $10 to $20 each over 100 times. Actually you make more leasing than selling it out to artist to me. Now of course I would sell a beat for $1000 to an artist but how many artist you know have a budget like that these days. I know tons of producers who are making a killing leasing beats online. If you really want to know I would sell an exclusive beat for at least $5000 or higher because $1000 really isn’t a lot of money these days. At least with $5000 I could maybe purchase a used car or something. $1000 is nothing but your rent and then it’s gone.

  3. WOW!!! How ironic about this topic because just a couple weeks i went to a popular beat selling website for producers and there is a guy on there selling 400 beats for $25, and he has other bulk beat packages for a low price I KID YOU NOT!!!!
    He is one of the top selling producers on this site. He has had music on this particular site for years and this site take a certain percentage of beat sales. He doesn’t even have his own site after all this time and still sells his beats 10.00 I seen as low as 4.99.
    I just think he’s cheated himself. I can understand when started out that you do something like this but he has been doing this for years. His music is BANGIN. but WHY would he do this to himself is it because of lack of knowledge???
    What do you guys think of this???

  4. Im sorry even when starting out i cant see selling 400 beats for $25, that’s INSANE!!!

  5. Back again, the price may be less appropriate for making professional beats. Even the best beat making programs to open the contest to test their skills. That means higher prices beats.

    1. I’ve sold 3 beats for a stack each this year alone, and one for $800! People will still buy a complete “project” from you if you put the hard work behind it. If you help them write it, you do the hook or have a reference singer do it, they’re record it at your place, you arrange the song, you mix and master the song, absolutely you can get $1,000 a song. I think the problem is we’re using the word producer too loosely & wondering why you can’t make any money. Its plenty of money to be made in the production game but you have to actually “produce” something from scratch with an artist. It’s difficult to do a beat on a lap top & e-mail them a mp3 & say give me $1,000. You don’t deserve that kind of money for that. Especially if they don’t make anything back off of their investment in you. Until you truly understand what it means to be a producer you’ll be getting 20 bucks a beat but it don’t have to be that way.

  6. its a tuff game in D.C. you haft to be Dr. Dre to get a 1000 for a beat lls…

  7. I do it all the time this is the truth tho. I feel you can only be that cheap if you make under quality trap beats cause I work too hard to sell this shit for 20.00 lol.

  8. I dont agree at all. The reason people get mad at someone for selling .99cent super deals on their beats is because it undercuts their $100 pricetag. Its called business. In any industry the competition is determined by value. Who can provide the most for less. If someone feels that havin 20 crappy beats that they can blow up with because its tied down by a limited license, then let them buy it. Its obvious that those people arent in this guys market. So what is he mad about anyway. Music doesnt have a dollar value attached as it exits the speakers. Its sound…so someone who creates that sound has all the right to charge as little or as much as they please. That doesnt cut anything out of your pocket unless youre competing in the lower bracket of artist who have little to nothing to invest. If that money is too small to you then you shouldnt even be in the same place looking for customers as people who sell for so little.

    Dont get mad…get money.

    This dude is a dick….

    1. I respect your opinion but their is only one thing wrong with this, no producer who sells beats for $1,000 would agree to this foolery. Only beat makers that charge low ball prices would agree to this so this is a very biased argument. You can’t find one rich and successful producer who agrees with this, not one. “A true artist wants to be paid for his painting”. Something of no value is easy to say goodbye to.

  9. This guy try to break the low budget beats around the net, he’s true but time is hard (maybe more in Europe ?), and when you’re known by nobody, selling beats around $10-$25 till you grow is wise.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I choose this way

    1. This topic is very debatable but we’re talking about selling a beat? A real producer see’s the project from beginning to end. He’s conceptual about which way the song goes, does a rough mix, helps with the writing, arranges the song together, over sees the mix and master, act. That’s what I do when I work with an artist. I’m not in my basement making beats & e-mailing them out, it’s a serious process like fine wine. After you’ve done all that work to see a project through, to create a SONG from scratch, it’s difficult to let that craftsmanship go for 20 bucks. We have enough computer beat makers, we need more producers.

  10. This dude is kinda corny after watching this video. If you are up and coming you can absolutely lease a beat for however much you want. I have also heard alot of beats from producers who talk all that ” I worked too hard on this to sell it for this price etc…) and its just a one instrument melody or sample and a kick snare pattern that repeats the whole time. This is music and music has no rules or set prices or rule book.

  11. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he’s actually right on this! I’m a DJ, I’ve been a DJ for over 10 years. Back in the late 90’s & early 2000’s DJ’s would get between $600-$800 a night for a party of 1,500 people. But since software has bridged the gap between those with skill & a novice it’s allowed young cats to get into the game, which is great. But instead of paying dues & perfecting their craft they tell promoters they’ll do the same thing a well seasoned DJ will do for a fraction of the cost. So what happens is you have these young cats who DJ parties for $50 & a beer and it pushes out the real DJ’s who actually know what they’re doing, software or not. It’s the same thing with making beats. People didn’t start selling beats for 20 bucks until young cats started making beats on home computers. When that happened that closed the gap between a producer who saved up thousands of dollars & learned his craft to a novice with a desk top his parents gave him. The game has changed so much. You can’t really get mad at the young dudes though, they’re just taking advantage of an opportunity. However I believe that branding & skill sets will always win over a young dude who knows his way around a computer. The truth of the matter is, flash in the pan producers will make a little money & get shine for a few years but they wont stand the test of time like Dre,Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones, and Jermaine Dupri have. Those guys are talented and only real talent lasts.

  12. might as well say “yo give me a bag of weed i’ll produce a track for you….gtfoh

  13. Also a “Beat maker” and a Producer are no where near the same thing.

  14. I agree this is crazy that the prices of beats are so low now. You can’t be mad we just have to try to be innovative.

    I have recently come across this new site called They actually buy beats at around $200. Only thing is there is no guarantee. You submit your beats against others. But its still new and one of my boys recently made $200 for one of his beats. Check it out at :

  15. It’s true that both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing can work. I prefer selling non-exclusive beats although I have sold exclusive beats. Good authors do the same with their books: they sell them again again and again. Furthermore I think 19 $ is a reasonable price for one non-exclusive beat.