1. I don’t own one now maybe in a few years I see alot of apps & software being for it makes you wonder!

  2. No not interested at the moment. Ill wait a few gen for when they are incredibly powerful and then get one perhaps but right now imo its just too early

  3. I use FL studio mobile to capture any ideas I may come up with while away from the studio. Then recreate when I get in the lab

  4. for beats I use iMaschine and Akai Synthstation.. iMashine is cool especially if you have Maschine or Mikro.. There’s also Garageband and FL Studio Mobile. the iPad is dope for being mobile and wanting to create ideas on the fly.. I recommend it

  5. 64gb 3g I had to get one I use it for a control surface with Logic It saved me a lot of money rather then getting A project Mix. Plus I store all my manuals and notes. Rarely play games inn it.

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