What is Your Music Making Process?

What is Your Music Making Process

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share what your music making process is.

What is Your Music Making Process

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Start with the chorus or hook then build around that. The beat comes out just like the artist or I want, only better.


First thing I check youtube for some hot samples. After I find the sample, download it, listen to it once again, convert to .wav format, slice the parts that I want to play. I’m playing that part, until I configure the melody. Starting my Reason 5, creating Dr.Rex, opening the sample, and put it on the template.. after that i create a drum line and bass. And the finish is the mix, i spend a lot of time in the mix,’cause i want that my beats have a smooth production!

Bryce Wonder

Melody first and the rest just falls in place. drums come last because my melody emotion sets the tempo.

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  1. I first listen to a variety of genres and find a groove…then I grab a beer and roll a doobie .. The rest is history

  2. if im sampling i chop the sample and then add the drums and plugin sounds. if im doing original i start with the drum pattern and then build sounds and melodies with plugins and soundfonts.

  3. I like to work pretty exclusively in the daytime, preferably around noon. I spend however long it takes going through samples, vinyl, mp3, off the internet (it doesn’t matter where you get your sounds) than I load up some drums, either a break than take drums, eq & compress, or ill mess with some of my kits & mix & match shit, I load the sample into the NNXT, find my chops, than some alchemical process occurs in my brain & I black out for what feels like seconds but usually is like 2 or 3 hours later. Than I export into itunes and decide what I will do with the beat.

  4. Out of inspiration today plus im feeling bad and sad for no reason, any ideas that can help me put out some beat?

  5. I usually ask God for ideas. Sometimes the words for the song come first and the music just flows from there.

  6. i like watching youtube videos of the process of other producers like black milk and others then i’m inspired. i always start off with my drums. i can spend like 30 mins just tweaking my drums. then comes the bass, something different but hums well. after that i’m find either a sample or some sounds in my library to put over the drums and bass. then i mix it all down. then i’ll master the entire track. i do everything in Reason 5, can’t wait to get Reason 6.

  7. melody first and the rest just falls in place. drums come last because my melody emotion sets the tempo.

  8. I tend to switch it up alot but once im motivated I like to find good kick’s & snare’s to start my 8 bars with then i build with keys but what is most important is the feeling over anythang cuz I use software and hardware….

  9. I just start by letting my mind wander. Then i just record what comes naturally. Many say that starting a song with drums is amateur, though professionals like Battle Cat do that all the time. I believe what comes naturally will be your process. That means your process may change every time you sit down to start making your music.

  10. I normally start of by watching youtube videos first too, one i’ve been watching lately is newyorkoutlaw really recommend you guys check him out. Then after that i miss with melodies and then drums. My problem is i never finish a beat i only leave it for 4 bars, so i end up making about 3 or more a session and then i show my boys and if they like it ill set the beat up and that good shit.

  11. @Shaggymusik Man that is true fam. The more the process changes the more creative you become. My process changes from week ta week depending on the mood

  12. It varies. I might start with the drums or keys or a sample. I might get inspiration for a song I listened to or just want to use portions of a song to create a new one. I might get an idea from a friend to try something. I might hear a riff or a beat from a song I’m working on for my church and decide to apply that to something I’m working on. I use a variety of tools, but mainly stick to ProTools, Garageband, Yamaha Motif (7 and rack) and a bunch of iPhone apps (including the Groovemaker suite, iDrum suite, NanoStudio, Beatmaker, Alchemy, etc.)…

  13. well, first thing i do is check the youtube for some hot samples. After i find the sample, im downloading it on my HDD, listening it once again, convert to .wav format, opet the recycle&sample. Then im slice the parts that i want to play.Im playing that part, until i configure the melody.. Starting my Reason 5, creating Dr.Rex, opening the sample, and put it on the template.. after that i create a drum line and bass. And the finish is the mix, i spend a lot of time in the mix,’cause i want that my beats have a smooth production!

  14. I do this two ways. If am starting with nothing, I’ll usually start with drums or guitar, get a melody or a groove happening in Reason/Record, and build it from there. If I have an idea beforehand, I’ll sing it to a loop that approximates the groove, then replace the Rex loop with live drums that I play, or samples with Kong that I’ll play with the pad controller, depending on the sound that I want. I like to spend a lot of time getting the groove to sit right, especially if I use a sample, so getting the drums, samples and bass to sit right takes awhile. I like to do final vocals after everything else is done.

  15. I usually start out fooling around with sound design. Eventually I start to hear implied melodies and rhythms and I try to bring those out. Works best with headphones. Lots of trial and error and experimentation. It takes me forever to finish anything and 90% of stuff I start never becomes anything.

  16. For some reason, if I’m using software or hardware. I always lay my melody parts down first. Get the emotion and inspiration going. By the time I get to laying down drums and a bassline, the beat is arranged. From beginning to end… I’m mixing, from the crunchy ass hi hat to the blaring synth! Paying attention to the smallest detail!

  17. After several years I got down a tight workflow where I can start from any direction. Lately I put on old vinyl, could be Rock, Disco whatever and listen to the patterns, start playing a melody, layer that and start with the Hats, then bring in my Kicks or Sub. By then I’m thinking about the overall mix and what gets panned where, what my transitions to the next pattern feel/sound like. Could take an 1hr for some 48 for others.

  18. There is no method to my madness. i just start making music. When it enters my head I do my thing. I sit down and go to town, making songs with hooks without hooks and just plan old beats(kick and a snare). No real method just making for the love of music. I am not genre specific if you want something I give my all to make it for you!