Music Maker WordPress 3.19 Update

Music Maker WordPress Theme

A new update for the Music Maker WordPress Theme has been released.

New Updates

2 New Demo Styles Added – There are over 12 demo styles available.

1. Blue & Black

2. Red & Black

Red & Black

12 Demo Styles Built Into the Theme – The demo styles can now be imported in under 30 seconds with the demo importer.

New Smart Slider Template – I created a new slider template that you can import into Smart Slider 3. The slider example includes 10 different slides with different text messages and background images. You can view it on the demo website.

Make an Offer Overlay Modal

You can now display an overlay window to appear so people can make offers on beats. Test it out

Make & Offer Overlay Window

New Getting Started Wizard – A new setup wizard has been added to import sample content, widgets, and activate your license.

Set Up Wizard

Updated All Demo Styles – All 12 demo styles have been updated to look cleaner, and new slider banners added to all demos.

New Column Layout – Added a new column layout for the Beat Store.

Banner ( Image ) Text Effects – Added an option to apply CSS effects to the Banner Image headline. There are over 20 CSS text effects.

Over 100 other changes.

Link: Music Maker Changelog

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Written By Mark V.

Hip Hop Makers is a music production website that launched in 2008 to teach music lovers how to make music, sell beats, and make money from music.

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