Music Maker Theme 2.18 Update

A new update for the Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme has been released.

What’s New

WordPress Customizer

The Theme Options panel has been replaced with this WordPress Customizer.

The WordPress Customizer allows you to see changes to your website made live.

Customizer Overview

Custom Colors ( New )

With the WordPress Customizer you can now customize the colors of the Header, Content Area, Footer, and Beat Store Playlist window.

Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme

Fonts ( New )

In the Customizer Fonts panel you can now enter Google fonts for your website Titles, Body Text, and Navigation Menu.

Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme

New Beat Store Options

Beat Store Playlist Custom Colors

You can now customize the colors in the beat store playlist window.

Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme

The styling of the Beat Store Overlay Window has been updated. View Demo Site

  • New Animated Bars
  • Use a color picker to select the background color
  • Update a custom background image behind the animated bars

Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme

Additional Beat Store Updates
  • New Custom Text Options
  • New LinkĀ  Option for “Make an Offer” Text
  • Show or Hide Info – You can select to show or hide Genre, BPM, or Produced By text.
  • Add Beats Page – Updated form input styling.
  • Single Beat Page – Simplified the single beat page to make the colors more adjustable.
  • Under Beat Store Text – Added the under beat store text option to the beat sort pages.
  • Beat Store Overlay – Added default image if no thumbnail has been added.
  • Single Beat Page Full Width – You can now select to make the single beat page full width.
  • Thumbnails: The playlist thumbnail image size has been increased, and the padding around the image has been decreased.
  • Thumbnails: Images are now automatically cropped into a square when uploaded.
  • Active Beat: The active beat playing in the Beat Store playlist gets bigger when playing.

New Sidebars

Two new sidebars have been added:

  1. Blog Single – Use for single blog pages.
  2. Static Pages – Appears on all static pages with sidebars.

Loading Animation ( New )

In the WordPress Customizer, you can turn on the loading animation to show a loading animation whenever a user clicks a link.

Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme

The loading animation works in Firefox, Chrome, and IE Edge. It doesn’t appear in Safari.

Header Background Image ( New )

You can now add a background image to your website header.

Additional New Features
  • Beat Store Sales graph added to the admin dashboard.
    Music Maker Beat Selling WordPress Theme
  • Apple Icon added to header social profiles.
  • Product Store Homepage – You can now add a banner to appear on your product store homepage in the WordPress Customizer.

Here is the full list of theme updates.

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  1. When will you drop a free download link to your true readers and subscribers?

    1. Hi. I think the true readers would buy it, because it helps you make money. Sell one beat and it pays for it self. It’s a investment in your own personal business.

  2. Hi Mark
    This update sounds great.
    Just wondering where I can download the update from?
    Many thanks