Music Maker WordPress Theme Update ( 3.0 )

Sorry for the lack of HHM updates, but I have been working hard at making major improvements to the Music Maker WordPress Theme.

I just released version 3.0 which has over 100 updates.

Check out the demo sites to see what is possible.

Music Maker Theme

Gold Music Maker Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Learn more about the Music Maker WordPress Theme.

Video Overview


New Features

New Homepage Template

The new template called Frontpage Sections that lets you create a long homepage. Live Demo

Music Maker WordPress Theme

  • There are over 17 Frontpage Sections.
  • You can change the text color, background color, or add a BG image for each section.
  • Animation Features – You can choose from 20 animation styles on how the information is loaded into each section.
    • The animations are triggered when a user scrolls up or down the page.

Beat Store Updates

Track Beat Plays

Beat Play Count

New Animated Bars

You can now turn on an option to have animated bars appear when a track in the beat store playlist is playing.

Animated Bars

Change the Audio Player Colors

Beat Sort Bar

This option also changes the single audio player color.

Audio Player

You can now also pick the color of the checkout button when an item is in the shopping cart.

New Overlay Windows

Sale Overlay Window

This is what appears when the Sale button is clicked. This can be used to help promote your current sales and promotions. Live Demo


Instructions Overlay Window

This is what appears when the Instructions button is clicked. This allows you to add instructions on how to buy beats.

Help Info

Clear Button

A Clear sort results button will appear in the sorting drop down if beats have been live sorted.

Clear Button

Beat Descriptions Appear in Overlay Window

Overlay Window

New Soundwave Audio Player

You can now select a new Soundwave audio player on the single beat page. View Live Demo

Sound Waves

Related Beats

You can now display related beat images. View Live Demo

  • Beats aren’t related, they load randomly.

Related Beats

Set Default Beat Thumbnail

You can now change the default beat store thumbnail image.

Beat Thumbnail

Product Store Updates

Audio Preview for Products

A new input has been added when editing products to upload an MP3 audio file. Live Preview


Related Products

The single product pages now have the option to display related products. This feature randomly loads products from your product store. View Live Preview

Related Products

New Page Title Option

You can now select a full width page title. You can change the text, background color, and upload a custom background image. Live Demo


Page Animations

You can now select from 20 different animations styles on how information is loaded into a page.


Sticky Navigation Menu

You can now select to have a sticky navigation menu.

  • When turned on, the sticky navigation menu appears when the page is scrolled down past 500 pixels.


Change Button Style

You can choose to make your website button square, round, or pill shape.

Button Style


Adjust Website Name Font Size & Padding



Google Fonts Select Menus

The Google Font inputs have been updated to select drop downs to help people avoid entering incorrect names or leaving the input empty. Over 800 font names included.

Google Fonts

New Welcome Panel

A new welcome panel appears on the dashboard with links to access sections in WordPress faster. If you have suggestions for the links, leave a comment.

Welcome Panel

New Demo Import Process

The new demo import process imports sample content, widgets, and customizer settings in under 2 minutes.

Demo Import

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed JS widget error. ( .color-field )
  • Fixed bug on the all banners page with the banner image overlapping the other columns.
  • Fixed variable issues with the edit admin sidebars page.
  • Fixed beat store admin input errors ( Updated with isset () )
  • Fixed CSS issue with EDD reports page with the column being the incorrect size.
  • Fixed PHP errors and added default settings to the following widgets: Text Banner, Social Profiles, Image Banner, About
  • Fixed JQuery errors.
  • Fixed error on admin columns. ( Undefined Index )
  • Fixed errors with testimonial widget and added sample text.
  • Fixed beat store playlist JQuery error with e is not defined.

Read More About the Music Maker WordPress Theme

Music Maker Theme

Hip Hop Makers Related

  • I’ve updated 30 broken download links.
  • Move articles will be coming soon.

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  1. Hello Mark,
    thanks for the helpful information, i want to buy the music maker theme, but im totally a newbie in website building. i want to know the first step to take. Do i first buy the template or i need to register on or setup with bluehost first?

    your reply is highly appreciated. Thank You.