Music Industry 101: Selling Beats, Music Advances, Publishing, Taxes

Music Industry 101: Selling Beats, Music Advances, Publishing, Taxes

Dame gives upcoming producers and artists a general idea of the beat selling process from the very beginning (sending out music), to receiving royalties.

If you want more tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online ( Beginners Guide to Selling Beats Online ).

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  1. its not 1% x 1m it is 1% x Revenue of album sales. 1million x $5.99 = $5.99 million

    That is $60k in Backend. Which in your example would amount to $70K for the track.
    So one song like this would be more than 90% of Americans make a year in salary.
    This is the lure of why so many try to get in the Game. How your story does have truth in it just a lil more money. Like 6 times more money.
    So there is alot of money in it but to your point not many get to this level.

  2. Great info right there! Got a question if possible, Don’t know if you have an idea of how many days after a beat placement opportunity has been posted by an artist, what is the time left 4 you to submit beats if they didn’t specify. thanks for any help!

  3. I like it when people get together and share opinions.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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