1. To me, Beach Is Better is one of the hardest tracks on the Album for it to e too short. However the shock value in it has done exactly what it supposed to do. I’m looking forward to hearing what they’ll cook up next. I also wonder how long he’ll last as far as mainstream relevance. You know, producers nowadays have a 1-3 year mainstream timespan as opposed to that of Timbo or Kanye etc…. Good upload man.

  2. I going to speak on the positive and then I gotta hate so we can get a laugh in because life is to short to be so serious. Mike is the man and for any producer that doesn’t feel they are where they feel they should be, let this be motivation. (Hate time) Man is it me or did the dude doing the interview look like Mr. Marcus?lol Dide you see all the male groupies in the studio at 3mins and 52sec. I was dying because they was really lookin focused.”yes daddy Mike will made it” (lol) Overall great post and keep the good uploads coming.

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