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  1. We’re trying out content marketing to see how it works out. Depends heavily on blogging and sharing other peoples good content (videos, articles, etc). through twitter and pulling people in like that, instead of just pushing out a sales message. Also building relationships with people, starting conversations on twitter and retweeting good tweets – ish like that. I don’t think twitters a good place to just hard sell your beats

  2. You have to talk to and interact with people. It’s not just about posting a link somewhere. You want me to click that? Why, because you have beats? Why should I click on your link and not that other guy’s? It’s more about letting people into your world. Saying more than just HOT BEATS with a thousand exclamation points after it. If you make quality, original content, constantly interact with people on an individual basis, answer questions, post pictures and just share your world with your followers and fans, they will feel more engaged in what it is you’re doing. Be careful with spamming and repeating the same post over and over again. Be creative, use your imagination, tell me something different. Make me want to click that link! You can also post videos directly to twitter and let people watch without having to leave the site. This helps tremendously as a lot of people are Internet-lazy and hate having to click too many things to reach their destination. Get out there and interact!

  3. I keep my networks organized by creating twitter lists. (artists, graphic designers, singers, rappers, etc.) I interact personally and professionally with prospects, clients & others alike.