Producer Talk: Are you making money off music? How?

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share if you are making money off of music. If so, then how?

One obvious way is going to be selling beats, but I’m looking for other answers of how you are making money off of your music to inspire others.

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  1. There are lots of ways to make money off of music and I think beats actually pays the least. Do music for movies, commercials both tv and internet, TV shows, YouTube is a great way to make side cash, create music production libraries and sell those. All sorts of stuff. People usually start and stop at getting on artists albums but there are other easier ways to get money these days

  2. Soundkits seem to be doing good for producers with a lil buzz besides that for new producers a publishing company might be the way to go!!!
    I”d love to hear sum more other way’s out of the box stuff I could use the help myself…!

  3. Get creative. Reach out to up and coming filmmakers about scoring projects. Get in touch with local sports groups to see if they need theme music or even music for a specific performance/competition. There are so many options. Licensing is also big and can be very lucrative!…

  4. I am reading all of these comments posted and I can’t believe the ignorance I am reading regarding some projected ideas of selling beats and making money off of music in some minds these days!

    Now a days there are over 1200 new producers jumping on the bandwagon each and every day who eventually get better because of easier accessible music programs being development and more simple to you that most don’t even have to know a properly developed skill of Music Chord progression. (Yes, it is sad and pathetic these days who might make a buck in this biz). Therefore the entire game of biz has changed for the worse (Not sounding like a pessimistic but a realist in a time where those who lie saying they are making $10,000 off of a beat are fabricating nonsense unless it is a major record label artist and what don’t realize most times is that major labels don’t pay the producer and many artist’s don’t upfront (unless the music producer was signed to a major publishing deal that sold more then 400,000 units).

    Labels (Majors) haven’t the same budgets expenses as they did a decade ago or some what 20 years ago. This is basic common sense whiles most live in a vertical reality of fails truths of what they want to believe.

  5. If you make bangers they will sell. I’ve had alot of trouble selling beats. But after I begin to learn the mixing & mastering part of it. I began to get better!!