1. What a joke to the artform. I could simultaneously fart + beatbox a loop better than this.

  2. He had everything prepaired and used modern technology to make it look like he did it in that time. Nice trick but no cigar..

  3. its was more like recording a lopp in 48 seconds/ how long did it take him to find those sound before the vid. and didnt do any sequencing or mixing. anybody can do this. i can play a idea out just as fast. but its a lot to be done after that

  4. yea he recorded it in 48 seconds. and the beats pretty mediocre to me. the first synth pattern he did was pretty cool but everything else was just meh.

  5. It looks like “recording a beat” not making it in 48 seconds; what about preparations. Sorry but I don’t really believe in it. The beat is alright but is it the sickkkkkest? Mhm…

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