Producer Talk: What motivates you to make music?

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips / knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share What motivates you to make music.

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  1. What motivates me is the love for the creation. I also love the feeling people give me when they like what I created. A creation from nothing, and when you here people say “I am still playing this” or “I can’t get that song/beat out of my head” is an amazing feeling. Love x People

  2. for me I love to see studio footage that’s why I like to come to this site so much almost every day! lol other than that its probably when I hear new fresh music or seeing that underdog become a industry a favorite!! if that doesn’t get me going I try to find new tones or look for new gear…! But the best motivation comes from digging on inn like your hungry lmao you gotta want it…..!!!

  3. sound period. some times the most extraneous sound triggers off something in my head to make music. also so quality work from other people too

  4. what motivates me? well, first of all, my parents are my BIG motivation to make music, ’cause i want to my parents says one dan, u did it son, we are so proud of you! thats what i want to hear from my parents! also, other people are motivating me, like when i create a beat, and someone says, yo this beat is awesome, i cant get it out my head, its really bom bom pow etc..

  5. hell of a ?. motivation for me is my family, mainly. even things that happen in every day life. different moods bring different beats. sounds alone motivate me. i hear different sounds that have nothing to do with music, and i want to sample it to make a beat out of it. my kids toys make a bunch of sounds. music itself is motivation. im sure as beat creators,we can sit here and come up with a lot of situations that motivate us to compose a beat. like i said a hell of a question. cant wait to read the rest of the comments. on some real sh!t.. this this site alone motivates my ass. good looking out MARK V.!!

  6. I’d have to say that when it comes down to it, My love for music and the support of everyone around me motivate me to make the music that I make. The money off making music is only second to the love and passion that making music as an art brings me. That and seeing the expression on peoples faces after hearing music of yours that they like is priceless.

  7. Creation , your brain , & the knowledge to know what your doing .
    Rapping is my thing most people don’t look at it they just wanna be accepted into the rap game .. I put my all into my music , an try to find anyway to publish it . Everybody that hears my music is saying the same thing ” your music should be out there your a great song writer ” I would love for some business talk if you take music serious like I do hmu on Facebook @ Kas Parker or my phone 5405212481