Just Blaze on Making Beats & Tech Gear

Just Blaze on Making Beats & Tech Gear

Take an inside look at Just Blaze’s studio, his creative process, all the great gear he used for the making of “The BGR Show” theme music.

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  1. This is how you do business. Blaze was not forceful with his craft and took the customer ideas into consideration. If you want to sale beats you have to do this. Stop making customers take what you have and give them what they want.

  2. Just Blaze knows his tech stuff haha. Good interview. And @Bryce Wonder – Truu. Gotta have some kinda relationship w customers and take their input. That’s why I’m skeptical about even creating a website selling beats. I like the meet and greet, connect w ppl in real life way of biz and I like crafting stuff to other artists liking like I craft stuff to mine