1. Hi !! i like this video but i would like to know how Jermaine dupris extract sounds for to make this beat ? (Sorry im french gurl so i undenstand little bit english )

  2. That beat is hot! I love being able to watch a legend work on a new beat. Looking at his YouTube channel I had no idea he had so many videos. I don’t know why more artists don’t create similar videos, showing up and coming producers how they work in the studio.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with biting drums. But, to go as far as taking an actual sound from the record. Why can’t he just use some synthesizers and make the same sound. Sounds like laziness.

  4. jermaine,

    Great work, lemme Pimp ya Mac and working, finding and creating will save you 95%time as executive…….holla! I will promise ya you will say…………Oh My F* God! Brotha what tha……Blesss up:-)

  5. Somebody should tell Jermaine to wondering why he doesn’t just use his own sounds instead.

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